The Lincoln Project rips off teen’s twitter content posting it as their own

The Lincoln Project rips off teen’s twitter content posting it as their own
Rick Wilson, George Conway (Images: YouTube screen grab)

Wes Walker

Just when you think you’ve got a sense of what colossal losers that crowd is … they one-up themselves, by ripping off a kid.

The Lincoln Project, the RINO PAC started up by George Conway, Rick Wilson, and others, is being propped up by the Left as a “noble” brand of Republicans “bravely” selling out to the Democrat cause to save Democracy or something. (RELATED: ‘America’s most creepy’: Rick Wilson trashed Biden for years, now endorses him for president)

Of course, if they were as principled as they’re supposed to be, the guilty plea by a top-tier Obama official responsible for setting up the illicit FISA warrants that allowed Dems to spy on Trump and kick off the pointless Mueller witch hunt would be enough for them to cut ties with the Democrats.

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After all, it’s all about “saving the Democratic Institutions,” right? Sure it is. And we’ve got a bridge to sell you.

After applying to work in the Trump administration but getting rejected as useless, this shifty group of grifters set about reinventing themselves as part of the Resistance. Just like some of the Never Trump pundit class had done before them.

But these “men of virtue,” these “defenders of decency” have more in common with Joe Biden. Which is to say they pass off the work of others as their own (h/t Mediaite)

Here’s Exhibit A:

Compare that with Exhibit B, taking care to note the dates when the two tweets were posted.

According to taylor‘s Twitter bio, she is 18 and “available for work.” Conway and company evidently took the quoted phrase to mean “available for reproduction without attribution.”

Naturally, this is not an isolated incident.


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