CNN’s Jake Tapper called out after comments of him ripping USPS for ‘severe incompetence’ surfaces

CNN’s Jake Tapper called out after comments of him ripping USPS for ‘severe incompetence’ surfaces
Jake Tapper (Image: YouTube screen grab)

There’s a lesson here for the Left. If they want to be torchbearers for an invalid cause because it is the politically expedient thing to do at the moment, they should be prepared to be exposed for the frauds they are. Sadly, the lesson was not learned by CNN anchor Jake Tapper. A warrior for the merits of mail-in voting and by extension a defender of the U.S. Postal Service (USPS), Tapper posted a tweet several years ago in which he tore the USPS a new one for delivering a Mother’s Day present two days late:

Tapper’s hypocrisy was pointed out by Rep . Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) who retweeted Tapper’s frustration with the USPS in 2014 and captioned it simply with a wide-eyed emoji.

Tapper attempted to defend himself by throwing a bit of a social media temper tantrum, writing:

“If you’re interested in my criticisms of the Postal Service from 2014, congressman, you should take a listen to my reporting in 2020 about the government’s failings regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s far more important and it’s killing your constituents.”

We’ll take ‘Two Things That Have Nothing to do With Each Other’ for $1,000, Alex .

Followers weren’t exactly buying Tapper’s attempt at yelling “Squirrel!” to divert attention from his criticism of the Post Office.

“Just take the ‘L,’” one person wrote .

Another added, “The Tapper from a decade ago would be hitting his head on his desk if he saw the 2020 Tapper.”

Jake – USPS Warrior 

Gosar’s calling out of Tapper’s old tweet wouldn’t even have been necessary if it weren’t for Democrats’ stubborn refusal to accept the facts when it comes to mail-in voting. Among these is an epidemiological study by top scientists showing that long lines at polling places do not lead to more cases of COVID-19. On the flip side of the same coin is a report by the federal Election Assistance Commission revealing that between 2012 and 2018, 28.3 million mail-in ballots went missing.

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