Pelosi’s latest: I am a ‘lioness,’ Trump is ‘most dangerous person’ in American history

Pelosi’s latest: I am a ‘lioness,’ Trump is ‘most dangerous person’ in American history

In a glowing interview with Variety magazine, Nancy Pelosi hammered President Trump as the most dangerous person this country has ever seen. The Speaker of the House also presented herself as a “lioness,” determined to protect the children from this dangerous president.

“I have real problems with this president because he doesn’t tell the truth, he doesn’t honor the Constitution and he’s harming children,” she said unironically considering her penchant for distorting the truth, dishonoring the Constitution, and harming children.

“My whole message is about children,” the staunch abortion advocate claimed. “Anybody who hurts children — I’m a lioness. Watch out.”

Pelosi then engaged in her trademark hyperbole over the “dangers” of President Trump. “We have the most dangerous person in the history of our country sitting in the White House,” she said.

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All for Show

Odd how Pelosi, the “lioness” protecting children, is the current leader of a political party that supports abortion until the moment of birth. Also odd, how she didn’t utter a word about children being separated from adults who were using them as a means to cross the border when Barack Obama was doing it.

But in the end, it’s all for show, like just about everything else the California Democrat does. Ultimately, Pelosi cares less about the well-being of American children than she does using them as pawns to help her party win the next election.

Furthering the argument that everything she says and does is carefully calculated for political impact, Pelosi admitted in the interview that her State of the Union stunt this year was well thought out in advance. Though she previously insisted she tore up her copy of President Trump’s speech spontaneously, Variety reports that “the decision to rip up her copy was not impulsive.” “He used the Congress as the backdrop for a reality television show when he had absolutely no reality in his speech,” Pelosi complained.

Speaking of losing touch with reality, the top Democrat has previously fretted that this “dangerous” man winning in 2020 would mean the end of “civilization as we know it.”

What will really sadden Pelosi is the knowledge that it was her push for impeachment that is going to help Trump get re-elected.

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Rusty Weiss

Rusty Weiss

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