In NYC, men and women can now pee wherever they want

In NYC, men and women can now pee wherever they want

Including, it seems, out on the street since the city council voted in January to ease up on laws banning public urination on the grounds that they discriminate against minorities.

Now, Mayor Bill de Blasio has taken the lunacy a step further. Kowtowing to PC extremism, hizzoner has issued an executive order that would allow people to use whatever bathroom they choose in any city-owned facility, without proof that they identify with their non-biological sex.

There’s a slasher running around the city, but this is the most pressing issue on the mayor’s mind?

Via The Observer:

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People visiting New York City-owned buildings will be able to use whatever bathroom matches their gender identity, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced today — a move that comes as several other cities have sought to stop transgender people from using bathrooms of their choosing.

“I think New York City has an obligation to lead. I think we have an obligation show that everyone should be embraced and everyone should be accepted,” Mr. de Blasio said today at a city recreation center in Chelsea. “Change comes from the grassroots. Change comes from the ground, and if people who believe in human rights don’t stand up for them, it lets those negative voices dominate.”

Mr. de Blasio signed an executive order today declaring that all city-owned buildings — schools, city offices, gyms and recreation centers like the one he visited today, some museums and public parks — that have single-sex facilities allow people to us the bathroom or locker room of the gender with which they identify. People will not be asked to show identification or otherwise prove their gender, the city said, and employees will receive training to assist them in meeting the requirements. The city’s public hospitals and public housing buildings, which are not technically covered by the order because they are run as independent authorities, have also agreed to implement the rules.

Chair and commissioner of the New York City Human Rights Commission, Carmelyn Malalis, declared this to be a civil rights victory.

“Today, the executive order will make loud and clear that New York City is a city for us all: cisgender, transgender, non-binary,” Malalis proudly proclaimed.

To which a majority of New Yorkers said, “What?!”

CBS New York estimates that roughly “25,000 transgender or gender non-conforming people live in New York City.” Even if that number is accurate — and it seems suspiciously high — the city has a population of some 8.406 million people. That means de Blasio’s executive order caters to of 0.3% of the population, at the expense of the safety and human rights of the other 99.7%.

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