Former Secret Service agent calls Obama ‘petulant child’

Former Secret Service agent calls Obama ‘petulant child’

A war of words is brewing between the Secret Service and President Obama over the latter’s failure to show up for an anti-terrorist rally in Paris. Obama, as is often the case, couldn’t man up and accept blame for the poor optics of failing to lead at a rally that saw over 50 other world leaders in attendance. Instead, he tossed the Secret Service squarely under the bus saying there were security concerns that would have been distracting.

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The Secret Service fired back, saying they were never even asked to prepare for an Obama trip to Paris.

And now, a former Secret Service agent has joined the fray, referring to Obama’s staff as “amateur hour” and saying the President was simply “acting like a petulant child.”

Via the Daily Caller:

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino blasted President Obama’s decision to blame security concerns for his decision not to attend an anti-terrorism rally in Paris.


“He knows there’s nothing the Secret Service can say. They don’t want to hurt the relationship so as a matter of decorum they can’t say anything,” Bongino said. “I imagine what they’re really thinking is, ‘Is this guy serious?’ It’s not an easy job. After the fence-jumper, morale’s not great over there now, but he still says something that is so obviously not true.”

“Just look at the Mandela funeral which was geometrically worse when it comes to threat and he went to that because he wanted to go. If the president wants to go he goes. The Secret Service doesn’t tell him he can’t go. That’s only in movies.”

“It’s not the first time. We had the White House tours incident. I’m not going to say he’s the first president to blame someone outside of his own executive office, but does he take responsibility for anything? Incorrigible is really the word for him. He acts like a child and no one outside of conservative media holds him to account. These people are forfeiting their lives for you… This guy is just acting like a petulant child.”

“My experience with his staff is they are just amateur hour,” Bongino added. “They don’t know whats going on. There’s really only one channel to him: Valerie Jarrett. This doesn’t function like a regular White House…Instead of just doing what a responsible White House would do and say we blew it, they are completely incapable of acting like adults. It’s infuriating.”

It’s clear to everyone that President Obama made a mistake by not attending the rally, but rather than admit to that mistake, he turned to the knee-jerk reaction of blaming somebody else for the poor optics.

This time it was the Secret Service. Who will it be next time?

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