Shrink who declared Trump crazy without exam argues he is worse than Hitler

Shrink who declared Trump crazy without exam argues he is worse than Hitler
Bandy X. Lee: The X is for X-Lax (Image: Yale University)

Dr. Bandy X. Lee, the Yale University psychiatrist who violated an ethical code by declaring Donald Trump to be mentally unfit without the benefit on an in-person interview, has stooped to a new low by claiming that Adolf Hitler was “a better person” than Trump.

Lee took to social media to make the case that Hitler had several qualities that made him more endearing than the president, adding that Hitler “improved the daily life of his followers.”

“Donald Trump is not an Adolf Hitler,” she tweeted. “At least Hitler improved the daily life of his followers, had discipline, and required more of himself to gain the respect of his followers. Even with the same pathology, there are varying degrees of competence.”

Lee subsequently deleted the post, replacing it with this:

Okay, I have taken it down, since it has upset so many people and was not provoking thought but the opposite. Of note, my statement was about how little Donald Trump believes he needs to do to retain his followership, NOT to minimize Adolf Hitler’s atrocities.

Lee Has Been Criticized For Being Unprofessional Before

Lee, who hosted private meetings with more than a dozen Democratic lawmakers and one Republican senator in 2018 to discuss Trump’s apparent “unraveling,” has been criticized by the American Psychiatric Association (APA) for using “arm-chair psychiatry” to evaluate the president. Budget Committee Chairman John Yarmuth (D-Ky.) claimed at the time that meeting with Lee and other psychiatrists was important because “the president is manifesting dangerous behavior and the American people need to be alert to it.”

The APA distanced itself from Lee, issuing a statement that read: “Arm-chair psychiatry or the use of psychiatry as a political tool is the misuse of psychiatry and is unacceptable and unethical.”

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