Cenk Uygur blames Dems’ embrace of Obama for lack of Trump knockout

Cenk Uygur blames Dems’ embrace of Obama for lack of Trump knockout

Last night’s election returns were a wake-up call for the Democrats. Not only was Joe Biden not the shoo-in they had been misled into imagining he would be, but there is still a chance that Donald Trump, aka the devil incarnate, might win another term.

In the wake of the state of the election, many are looking for the source of blame for a repeat of 2016. For “The Young Turks’s” Cenk Uygur, the blame belongs to the DNC for its embrace of Barack Obama. In the video that follows, he grouses that Obama was underused as a Biden surrogate, having made only a handful of campaign appearances in the waning days of the election season. Obama, after all, Uygur maintains, is the best speaker the Democrats have — better even than Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Obama made his final stop in Miami on the eve of the election to stump for Biden. Via NBC Miami:

Speaking at Florida International University’s South campus, the former President spoke about how vital Florida was in the upcoming election, making a closing argument directed the Hispanic community.

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Nearly 70% of residents in Miami-Dade County are Hispanic.

But despite the former president’s best efforts, Donald Trump won the Sunshine State by a 3.4% margin, 51.2% to 47.8%. Trump cut his 2016 Hispanic vote deficit in Dade County by 200,000 votes.

So was the problem that Obama was used too sparingly? Or is that he’s been out of the public eye for so long that his opinion no longer carries the weight it once did?

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

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