While nation waits breathlessly for Biden’s VP choice, Pelosi says it’s no big deal

While nation waits breathlessly for Biden’s VP choice, Pelosi says it’s no big deal

Joe Biden was supposed to announce which of the lucky women of color he would select as his running mate two weeks ago. When that didn’t happen, he revised his estimate to last week. Again, silence. The latest from the Biden campaign is that the name will be revealed any day now.

The choice could not carry higher stakes since the women he picks will almost certainly become the next president of the United States, likely being called upon to assume the reins of the presidency after the cognitively challenged Biden drops out during his first term.

Considering the lack of suitability of any of the names on Biden’s short list to become president, his VP pick is what he might call a “big f*cking deal.” (RELATED: Biden VP frontrunner Karen Bass praised Church of Scientology while in CA state assembly)

But not everyone sees it that way. One who doesn’t is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who opined on MSNBC this past week that it doesn’t matter who Biden picks — that the only critical choice is who becomes president.

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KRISTEN WELKER: My question for you, big picture, though, Madam Speaker, against the backdrop of the conversation that we’re having nationally about race right now: Do you think that it would be a strong move for Vice President Biden to pick a running mate of color?

NANCY PELOSI: Well, I think that the Vice President, that is his discretion. He has to pick someone that is — I don’t think — let me just back up on it. I don’t think it matters who the vice presidential candidate is historically. It has never mattered. Lyndon Johnson for victory, Sarah Palin for defeat, but by and large, it’s really all about the two candidates for president. And I’m so proud of Joe Biden. He’s going to make a great president. I always defer to the judgment of the candidate in selecting the vice president, in terms of who he has confidence in that he can work with, who could serve in case of emergency, and also that would do no harm in the presidential. But it’s not, I think, making a difference. I’m very proud, though, that so many women of color are among those being — well, he has a vast array of talented people to choose from. I’m so happy that some House members are considering — are being considered, and former House members. So we’ll see what he does, but it’s his decision. This is the most derivative thing, and it isn’t about lobbying for it because other people want you. It’s about who the President chooses, President-Elect to be soon, 88 days — what is it, 88 days and about 12 hours. I can’t wait. But whoever — he has — any one of them would be just great, and I’m so glad that so many women of color are in the running as we get down to the end.

Putting aside the speaker’s misplaced confidence in Biden, her inability to see the special circumstances that attend this VP pick speaks volumes.

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer and regular contributor to "Liberty Unyielding."


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