Covington Catholic student’s lawyer: CNN’s Brian Stelter could lose his job over this tweet

Covington Catholic student’s lawyer: CNN’s Brian Stelter could lose his job over this tweet
Brian Stelter (Image: MRCTV screen grab)

Gee, wouldn’t that be a shame? Where else could CNN fans turn for their daily dose of opinion editorializing from the perspective of a “journalist” who crawls into bed and weeps over the news of the day?

As for the fate of Brian Stelter, Covington Catholic student Nicholas Sandmann’s attorney, Lin Wood, is only speculating on how the network might handle his breach of a confidentiality agreement that was part of a settlement of a lawsuit in which the plaintiff was seeking $800 million in damages. Sandmann agreed to an undisclosed sum in January, after various entities at the network portrayed him as an aggressive, Trump-supporting racist when he was involved in a viral interaction with an American Indian. Wood believes a retweet by Stelter insinuating that CNN paid a minor amount over the lawsuit represents a violation of the gag order.

Stelter shared a tweet by the network’s attorney, Mark Zaid, that claimed “[Sandmann] was undoubtedly paid nuisance value settlement [and] nothing more.” Wood blasted Stelter as a “liar” as he was not involved in any court matters.

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Others Too

Wood noted that others at the network have spoken about the settlement numbers in alleged violation of the confidentiality agreement as well. Asha Rangappa, a CNN analyst and colleague of Stelter, guessed on the amount in apparent agreement with Zaid. “I’d guess $25K to go away,” she responded.

Wood replied to her tweet saying, “Heads are going to roll at CNN or [Nick Sandmann] is going to [be] filing another lawsuit [and] reveal truth.”

He made a similar allegation against Washington Post reporter Dan Zak, who surmised that his employer settled “for a small amount … in order to avoid a more expensive trial.” “Dan Zak is a liar,” Wood responded. “I know how to deal with liars.”

Sandmann reached a settlement with the Post on his 18th birthday last week.

What Is the Truth?

So what exactly is the truth here?

It’s difficult to ascertain. The reality is, barring somebody actually breaking the confidentiality agreement straight-up and reporting the amount, the only parties privy to knowledge of the settlement would be Sandmann and his lawyers, and CNN and the Washington Post along with their lawyers.

Whether it was a minor amount or a massive amount would be of no consequence to third parties. The fact remains that Stelter, Rangappa, and Zak have no idea what the amount is, so their tweets are simply meant to convince people that their side won: to try and restore credibility to their fake news outlets.

Will anyone lose his job over this as Wood suggests? Not likely. CNN and the Washington Post have been producing fake narratives for decades now. Why would this cause them to suddenly take a stand?

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