Warren lays 50/50 odds Trump will be too scared to debate her

Warren lays 50/50 odds Trump will be too scared to debate her
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It’s always nice to be able to tell a presidential candidate with a snowball in hell’s chance of winning not to quit his day job. That’s easier said than done for presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren, who has been AWOL from her job in the Senate for so long that her constituents in Massachusetts may have forgotten her name.

Maybe mindful of that, Warren appears to have embarked on a new career — that of oddsmaker. She’s even adopted the lingo of a bookie, using substandard constructions such as ain’t.


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The senator tells the crowd she is feeling empowered after her last debate performance in which she eviscerated former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. But Bloomie is a pretty far remove from the other New York billionaire she would face in the debates.

Whatever the reason for her challenge, she needs to be reminded that before you get the chance to go mano a mano with the incumbent, you have to win your party’s nomination. And that, according to the real oddsmakers, carries pretty long odds for Warren. RealClear Politics has her running sixth for the Democratic nomination, with 2.6% of the the field. If that’s not dispiriting enough for the erstwhile American Indian candidate, she is losing to someone who’s not even in the race! The fifth-place finisher is Hillary Clinton.

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer and regular contributor to "Liberty Unyielding."


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