Biden gets tripped up in attacks on Trump by … Univision’s Jorge Ramos?

Biden gets tripped up in attacks on Trump by … Univision’s Jorge Ramos?
Joe Biden (Image: Fox News screen grab)

How eager is the Left to unburden itself of former Vice Pres. Joe Biden now that his campaign has hit the skids? So much so that Univision’s Jorge Ramos, no friend of the Republicans, laid a trap for Biden recently when he was a guest on Ramos’s show.

Town Hall’s Beth Baumann sets the stage, noting that Ramos asked Biden him about recent comments he made condemning the Trump administration for keeping immigrant children “in cages.”

“At the debate in Houston, you said that the Obama-Biden administration, and I quote, ‘We didn’t lock people in cages.’ But you actually did,” Ramos said. “Not at the same numbers as the Trump administration, but you did.”

The journalist pulled out a picture of an 8-year-old boy from Honduras and showed it to Biden. The former veep looked at the picture.

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“Yes,” Biden replied, before realizing the admission he made. “Wait. Wait. Wait. This was–”

“This was in 2014 at a detention center in McAllen, Texas,” Ramos replied. “I spoke with the photographer.”

Once Biden realized he was caught, he attempted to spin the story.

“Yes, and what happened was all the unaccompanied children were coming across the border. We tried to get them out. We kept them safe and get them out of the detention centers that’s, essentially that center, that were run by Homeland Security, and get them into communities as quickly as we can,” he replied.

Ramos followed up by showing him the picture again.

“Many people would say these are cages,” the journalist replied.

You can watch the complete exchange here.

The problem with Biden’s argument, which he has made repeatedly on the campaign trail, is the existence of a number of photos shot in 2014 showing the same thing. There is also the assertion by former Obama DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson avowing that the practice of putting children intercepted at the border “in cages” predated Trump.

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