Left’s latest: Impeach Trump for NOT having asked China to investigate Bidens’ shady deal

Left’s latest: Impeach Trump for NOT having asked China to investigate Bidens’ shady deal
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It hasn’t quite reached a point where so-called “news organizations” are penning headlines that read “I Hate Donald Trump’s Guts and Want Him Gone,” but we’re getting closer. Consider a headline from an item in this morning’s “Independent” by Chris Stevenson, its international editor: “Trump effectively confessed to an impeachable offence last night. He should be removed immediately.”

Impeachable offense? That might sound pretty serious if the term hadn’t been begun to be thrown around with utter abandon by the Left, whose sole focus over the past three years has been hating Trump’s guts and wanting him gone. (RELATED: Dems have been impeaching President Trump since day one) But since before Trump’s inauguration, the Democratic Party and its enablers in the media have been obsessed with impeaching him for something — anything — and getting back to business as usual inside the Beltway. Stevenson’s article admits that much in the lede paragraph:

A smoking gun, that is what Democrats have been searching for more than two years. In the eyes of many liberals Donald Trump‘s behaviour has been worthy of his removal for a while, but proving it has been difficult.

And yesterday, according to Stevenson, “the president basically loaded the bullet himself.” How? By answering a question from a reporter who asked whether the president had asked China’s President Xi Jinping to start “an investigation into the conduct of the Bidens – of which no evidence of wrongdoing has yet been presented.” Trump’s answer was that he hadn’t but that it was “certainly something we can start thinking about.”

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So Trump basically said “no,” and that’s an impeachable offense? Impeachable offense is rapidly becoming the Left’s new “racism.” (You did what? That’s an impeachable offense!) Notice also Stevenson’s language about starting an investigation “of which no evidence of wrongdoing has yet been presented.” Can he name one investigation that was begun after evidence of wrongdoing was already known? Isn’t the sole purpose of an investigation to gather evidence?

As for the Bidens and China, there is an honest-to-goodness smoking gun. In 2013 Hunter Biden, who was starting up a new equity fund, bummed a ride aboard Air Force Two to China, where his father, the vice president, was headed on state business. The younger Biden returned with a $1.5 billion investment by a Chinese banker.

The sounds like something that should require looking into, but Chris Stevenson is offended that Trump might even consider doing so. In fact, he thinks it would be wrong because Joe Biden is running for his office in 2020 and in the era of Trump attempting to unearth a scandal in a presidential candidate’s past a crime.

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer and regular contributor to "Liberty Unyielding."


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