Abandoned Tijuana migrant camp now looks like National Mall after climate change rally

Abandoned Tijuana migrant camp now looks like National Mall after climate change rally
Image: Twitter video screen grab

Meet your new neighbors, if Democrats get their way and President Trump’s order limiting asylum eligibility is blocked by an appeals court.

On Saturday, Tijuana police ordered the evacuation of a temporary shelter overrun by the estimated 6,000 caravan migrants who have amassed in that border town and relocated them to a different camp.

Here is a glimpse of what these wannabe Americans left behind:

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The chilling video was shot and posted to Twitter by Kyle Rothenberg, who currently works as a field technician for Fox News Channel.

The majority of the responses remarked on the similarity of the scene to the homeless encampments that have sprung up all over Los Angeles under freeway overpasses:

Some commenters recommended possible fixes for the problem:

Others were more philosophical:

Twitchy offers this reminder:

You would think they’d be more grateful to their Mexican hosts, who offered Central American migrants asylum, shelter, medical attention, schooling, and jobs if they would agree to stay in the southern Mexico states of Chiapas or Oaxaca. They didn’t.

Sincere question: If this video were shown to California’s lawmakers, would they be less or more likely to throw open the border fence and let everyone rush through at will? Because their current policies would suggest they’re trying to get their districts to look more like an abandoned refugee camp.

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