Woman who sued Planet Fitness over trans woman in women’s locker room wins appeal

Woman who sued Planet Fitness over trans woman in women’s locker room wins appeal
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Alternate headline: Chalk one up for normalcy. A woman whose membership at Planet Fitness was revoked after she complained that a man was using the women’s locked room has won an appeal on her lawsuit. In 2015, when the incident occurred, she sued the health club for invasion of privacy, sexual harassment, breach of contract, and emotional distress.

The woman, identified as Yvette Cormier, was banned by the club for discrimination against the “man,” who was actually a transgender woman (aka, a man).

As noted in a recent post, the intruder, who goes by the name of Jordan “Ivy” Rice, not only entered the locker room and stood in front of a mirror, where he had full view of women entering or exiting the shower area, but monopolized it for an hour.

Although Cormier lost her initial case against Planet Fitness, an appeals court found on Thursday that the gym was at fault for violating the Consumer Protection Act. According to the Detroit Free Press:

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Cormier signed a contract with the Midland [Mich.] Planet Fitness when she joined the gym. The contract said she would have access to a private women’s locker room and restroom, according to the court’s opinion. If she had known transgender women would be allowed to use the restroom, she said in her lawsuit, she would not have joined the gym.

Therefore, the court reasoned, because the gym failed to tell her about the policy, they misled her when signing the contract.

The case is now headed back to a Midland trial court.

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