On her ‘RV tour’ last month, Claire McCaskill’s RV looked an awful lot like a private plane

On her ‘RV tour’ last month, Claire McCaskill’s RV looked an awful lot like a private plane
Claire McCaskill describing the size of the fish she caught (Image: YouTube screen grab)

Perhaps she doesn’t know what an RV is.

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) claimed she was “hit(ting) the road” last month, ready to embark on an RV tour across the state to meet with the common folk.

“Very excited to hit the road next week in this,” she said under an image of a pretty souped-up touring vehicle. “Names anyone for the RV? We are off on a ‘Veterans for Claire’ tour on Tuesday morning.”

Instead of driving around in the RV, however, McCaskill flew a private plane instead, taking the same route as her road tour.

Washington Free Beacon reporter Bret Scher used crowd-sourced air traffic data to determine her private plane took the same exact path as the unfortunate staff members who had to drive around Missouri in the RV.

“The GPS-based data transmitted by McCaskill’s plane for the days of her RV tour across Missouri indicates that it was used to travel between campaign stops,” Scher writes.

Can’t imagine her plane would travel from campaign stop to campaign stop without her in it.

The Free Beacon also reports that McCaskill previously tried to block radar tracking information on her plane being broadcast on the internet through the FAA.

Financial disclosure forms indicate her private plane had a price tag of over $1 million.

In 2012, McCaskill infamously told her husband to sell their “damn plane” after the former auditor herself failed to pay over $300,000 in property taxes on it.

By 2017, she had replaced it with a new one, claiming “normal people” can afford to buy a private plane.

“Normal people” don’t own a plane, and they certainly don’t use it when they say they’re going RVing.

McCaskill’s camp has yet to comment on the claims that she flew across Missouri rather than riding in the RV.

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