David Hogg declares war on the NRA: A ‘thumb’ war

David Hogg declares war on the NRA: A ‘thumb’ war
Thumb war (Image: Shutterstock)

You can see why colleges were so eager to accept this kid. Liberal boy wonder David Hogg has been a veritable fountain of ideas on how to end senseless school shootings or, in his vernacular, “change the world.” First, he tried boycotting two major investment firms whose portfolios include gun manufacturers, but unlike E.F. Hutton, no one listened. He had similar luck going after FedEx, whose value rose $640 million a day after Hogg declared war on it. Hogg needn’t have felt bad about that paradoxical effect: On the radar of real adult-world comings and goings, his actions fail to register as so much as a speck.

On Wednesday Hogg tried channeling the 1970s with a “die-in” at Florida supermarket chain Publix because of its support for conservative gubernatorial candidate Adam Putnam, who is pro-NRA. Here is a video of the protesters in action … er, in inaction:

The company responded by paying lip service to the protest. “We regret that some of our political contributions have led to an unintentional customer divide, instead of our desire to support a growing economy in Florida,” Public said in a statement to the NBC affiliate in Miami. “As a result of this situation, we are evaluating our processes to ensure that our giving better reflects our intended desire to support a strong economy and a healthy community.”

The public reaction to the demonstration was less coddling:

Young Hogg’s head may be bloodied but it remains unbowed. Yesterday he was back on the front lines with a new campaign:

Twitchy was unable to restrain itself:

Meme war? Is he joking? He doesn’t really seem self-aware enough to be joking, but who knows? Everything has gotten so stupid, it’s hard to keep up.

What’s clear is that, trolling or not, a “meme war” totally seems like something Hogg would advocate.

Once again, the online reaction was less than kind:

So did young Hogg know enough to pick his marbles and go home? Are you kidding?

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer and regular contributor to "Liberty Unyielding."


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