Poll: The blue wave that had been forecast in November has turned into a red wave

Poll: The blue wave that had been forecast in November has turned into a red wave
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As recently as a week ago, the mainstream media were abuzz with news of the big “blue wave” coming in November. Then, suddenly, the leftist talking heads stopped drooling over the expected big “blue wave.”

Now it looks as though the big “blue wave” has turned into the big “red wave,” at least as far as the Senate is concerned, where Republicans are now expected to pick up as many as nine seats.

That would obviously be a huge pickup. With nine more seats in the Senate, the GOP would enjoy a filibuster-proof majority and the Trump agenda would sail through to passage.

The Daily Wire has the particulars:

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According to new Morning Consult polls, Democrats are in serious trouble in Senate races across the country. Republicans have serious leads in West Virginia, where incumbent Democrat Joe Manchin trails by 14 points; North Dakota, where incumbent Democrat Heidi Heitkamp trails by 8; Indiana, where incumbent Democrat Joe Donnelly trails by 5; Missouri, where incumbent Democrat Claire McCaskill trails by 5; Montana, where incumbent Democrat Jon Tester trails by 5; Florida, where incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson is locked in a near-deadlock with Rick Scott; and Pennsylvania and Ohio, where incumbent Democrats Bill Casey and Sherrod Brown are leading by less than two points each, plus Virginia, where Tim Kaine leads by just 3 on the generic ballot. In the best-case scenario for Republicans, then, they could win up to nine additional Senate seats.

The article goes on to note that the polls for the House “are all over the place,” though the general consensus points to a Democratic takeover of the lower chamber: “The RealClearPolitics poll average for the generic ballot has Democrats up 6.7% … The Economist/YouGov has Democrats with a 3-point lead, Quinnipiac has Democrats with an 8-point lead, as does Monmouth.”

However, we’re still six months away from the midterms. Anything can happen between now and then, including the possibility that the Mueller investigation will finally fall flat on its face. Two separate federal judges have called shenanigans on different aspects of the special prosecutor’s endless efforts to prove that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians to steal the election (see here and here).

Thomas Madison

Thomas Madison

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