Satanic drag queen reads to young children at Michelle Obama Library in California

Satanic drag queen reads to young children at Michelle Obama Library in California
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So much to learn! Did you know, for starters, that there was a Michelle Obama Public Library in Long Beach, Calif.? Or that October is LGBTQ Month? Or that the MOPL sponsored a “Drag Queen Story Hour” this past Saturday?

The individual chosen to head up the event was Xochi Mochi, pictured above and whose Twitter bio reads:

Attention Earthlings: This is Xochi Mochi your resident killer Klown from outer space. I dress up in drags and love tacos.

Except for the part about tacos, it’s hard to think of less appropriate persona to read to toddlers or a less appropriate subject to read to them about.

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Xochi Mochi posted the same slightly terrifying picture of him- or her- (its?) self on Instagram, where it was not universally well-reserved. One thoughtful parent who goes by the moniker “mommymercy95” wrote:

So all of you ignorant liberals think a man dressed as a woman, dressed as a demon, reading to children is fine but think Dr. Suess books should be banned? Wtf is wrong with yall! Like seriously?

The reference to Dr. Seuss harks back to a magnanimous gesture by the current first lady, who on Sept. 1 shipped copies of books by the beloved children’s author to schools across the country that had achieved high standards of excellence. The arrival of the books was timed to coincide with National Read a Book Day.

But one librarian made a public spectacle of refusing the gift on the grounds that “Dr. Seuss’s illustrations are steeped in racist propaganda, caricatures, and harmful stereotypes.”

One has to wonder which is more harmful — a grinch or a menacing figure in horns who describes herself as a killer Klown?

(h/t Thomas Madison)

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

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