It turns out the solution to the nation’s — nay, world’s — problems is Pepsi Cola *UPDATE*

It turns out the solution to the nation’s — nay, world’s — problems is Pepsi Cola *UPDATE*

Occam’s razor to the rescue again! Here we are in a nation bitterly divided by ideology and a world under siege from Islamofascists. The brightest minds have been searching in vain for a panacea when all along the answer is as sample as a popular carbonated soft drink.

That is the most sense I can derive from a commercial that Pepsi has been broadcasting since early April that is apparently generating unanticipated reactions. During its two-plus minutes, we see all the demons that plague the Left: the repression of Muslims, the objectification of women, police brutality,, intolerance —  you name it, it’s there.

According to NBC News, the chief flash point is that ad somehow co-opts Black Lives Matter’s anti-police message:

[The ad] has been met with widespread condemnation, with critics accusing the drinks giant of appropriating a nationwide protest movement following police shootings of African Americans.

I can’t frankly fathom what all the commotion is about, but then again I’ve never been microaggressed.

For what it’s worth, NBC seems equally in the dark about what the commercial is supposed to convey:

In the ad … [model Kendall] Jenner is in the middle of a photo shoot when she happens to notice a protest march making its way down the street.

It’s not clear what the smiling, attractive demonstrators are upset about, the only clues being their placards reading “peace” and “love” and “join the conversation.”

But Jenner decides to join them anyway, beckoned into the throng by a handsome man with a cello. She rips off her blonde wig, wipes away her lipstick and joins the marchers. The beaming, break-dancing protesters are a far cry from the often fractious demonstrations that have broken out across the United States over the past few years.

In Pepsi’s version, no one seems too worked up about anything. Jenner fist-bumps one of her recently adopted activists, before grabbing a can of Pepsi from a well-stocked ice-bucket.

At the end, Jenner hands a can of Pepsi to a police officer. He takes a sip, and everyone cheers.

Some of the reactions to the ad on Twitter are as hard to understand as the ad itself:

Here, for what it’s worth, here’s the video:

*UPDATE* Since this post went live, Pepsi heard liberals’ cry for no justice, no peace (or whatever it was they were bitching about). In any case, the company has pulled the ad. Here is the statement it released within the hour:

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

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