Another VA office refuses to hang portrait of the president

Another VA office refuses to hang portrait of the president

As The Political Insider previously reported, there have been several instances across the country in which VA hospitals have refused to hang portraits of President Donald Trump and Secretary of Veterans Affairs David Shulkin.

Some veterans aren’t accepting this disrespectful slight and have demanded to know why their commander-in-chief’s portrait isn’t properly hanging in a military facility.

Such is the case with Vietnam War veteran Joe Carollo, who wanted to know why a Florida hospital had chosen to hang an empty frame concealed by a large plant, and a portrait of former president Obama’s VA secretary instead.

Carollo questioned the secretary at this particular location and within hours the portrait of President Trump and Secretary Shulkin were in place.

Via TheBlaze:

After witnessing this “very disrespectful” scene, Vietnam War veteran Joe Carollo demanded the facility’s receptionist hang the proper photos. The receptionist’s response is both incredible and outrageous.

“Well, I walked in, it wasn’t right,” Carollo said to Fox and Friends on Sunday. “It was very disrespectful. I couldn’t believe my eyes, that there was no picture there, and there was a plant right in front of it. It kind of bothered me a little bit.


“What did I do? I went up to the receptionist there and I spoke to the receptionist, and she told me it was out of her control. She would have to go get a hold of somebody in Palm Beach, that they had all the control of that.”

Carollo didn’t take no for an answer, and just hours after Carollo fought to have the pictures hung, the VA hospital replaced the empty frame and old photo with the proper images of Trump and Shulkin.

Republican Congressman and Army veteran Brian Mast brought these stories to the forefront when he posted video of himself and a group of local vets bringing their own portraits of the President to a VA facility, and demanding they be displayed.

Mast was told by one employee that Trump is “not my president” while another VA employee in Minnesota claimed they didn’t hang the resident’s portrait because “they’re planning on impeaching him.” Lovely.

The White House has since issued a directive to have the portraits in place at all VA hospitals.

Rogue employees should be warned, Congressman Mast isn’t fooling around!

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Rusty Weiss

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