Left launches hyperbole war over news of Trump rollback of Obama energy regs

Left launches hyperbole war over news of Trump rollback of Obama energy regs
The end is near, and it's on account of Trump.

The sky is falling, fallinger, fallingest.

In advance of the president’s signing a new executive order Tuesday that rescinds some of Barack Obama’s sillier climate regulations, including concerns about the “social cost” of greenhouse gases, the Left has gone into full-bore hyperbole.

In an article published this morning, Politico defiled the order as a “sweeping directive telling agencies to stop trying to reduce the carbon pollution of electric utilities, oil and gas drillers and coal miners.” Former EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy also sounded the alarm, accusing the Trump administration of wanting “us to travel back to when smokestacks damaged our health and polluted our air, instead of taking every opportunity to support clean jobs of the future.”

Democrats in Congress added their two cents. On Monday, Sen. [score]Chris Murphy[/score] (D-Conn.) painted a fanciful gloom-and-doom picture for Politico:

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They’re going to extraordinary lengths to deny this meteor that is global warming is catapulting toward the Earth. I’m scared stiff. My kids won’t be able to solve this problem if we don’t tackle it right now because it will be too late in 20 years.

If liberals should have learned anything by now from the debate over global warming, it’s the utter fatuousness of making predictions, especially regarding the short term.

Trump’s own EPA chief Scott Pruitt was a guest on  “Fox & Friends,” where he described the executive order as both “pro-jobs” and “pro-environment,” emphasizing:

It’s going to create jobs in the oil and gas sector. For too long, over the last several years, you’ve had certain industries, certain sectors of our economy that were within the crosshairs of the EPA.

Among the changes to be enacted are an end to the moratorium on new coal mines on federal lands and a thorough review of Obama’s Clean Power Plan.

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer and regular contributor to "Liberty Unyielding."


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