Transgender advocate devolves into stuttering mess when asked about science

Transgender advocate devolves into stuttering mess when asked about science
Zac Petkanas (Image: Daily Caller video screen grab)

A transgender advocate struggled to answer simple questions about the science of gender identity in a discussion about former President Barack Obama’s transgender bathroom decree Thursday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

“Let’s move from the politics to the science,” Carlson said to Zac Petkanas, Democratic National Committee senior advisor. What followed was a series of questions about the implications of allowing people to self-determine their sex.

“There’s no biological anchor to sex anymore. It’s all determined by the individual,” Carlson said. “So my obvious question for you is, how do I know if a person’s male or female? Is there some absolute standard people have to meet to be male or female, other than what they say?”

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“One’s gender identity is enough to show what gender they are,” Petkanas replied.

“There are massive implications of this that everyone is either too dumb or too embarrassed to explore, but let’s do so now,” Carlson countered. “If your sex is what you say it is, then what prevents me from playing on a women’s field hockey team? What prevents me from getting convicted of a felony and demanding to go to a women’s prison? It’s a real question.”

Petkanas responded by accusing Carlson of being un-enlightened and of resorting to “silly hypotheticals.”

“I want you to name a single scientist, just one, who says you can determine your own sex just by saying so,” Carlson said. “What’s the science exactly that you are what you say you are? Can I change my race too?”

“No,” Petkanas replied, insisting “this is about inherently who people are.”

Carlson then offered Petkanas $1,000 if he could get a scientist to come on his show and explain the scientific basis for determining sex according to how people feel about their own identity.

It’s interesting that Democrats, who claim to be the party of science when it comes to global warming, are willing to accept this leap of faith, especially in the light of research that asserts no scientific basis for the presumption of gender self-identity.

This report, by Rachel Stoltzfoos, was cross-posted by arrangement with the Daily Caller News Foundation.

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