Trump rushed off stage at Reno rally as some in crowd shout ‘Gun!’

Trump rushed off stage at Reno rally as some in crowd shout ‘Gun!’

This is very much a developing story, so the few sketchy details may not all pan out. Within the last two hours, Donald Trump was herded off the stage by his Secret Service detail as the crowd erupted into chaos, reportedly when someone in the crowd shouted that there was a gun.

Twitter users are calling this an “assassination attempt,” but there doesn’t seem to be anything reported so far that corroborates that assessment.  It’s not clear what actually happened.

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Here’s another tweet, with video referring to the shouts about a gun.

Apparently, the Secret Service was satisfied that the situation was under control, because Trump came back to resume his rally speech a few minutes later.  (The timing of tweets about the incident suggests the interval was 5-10 minutes.)

Just in: this guy tweeted out a video of armed security personnel surrounding and detaining a man in the crowd after Trump was rushed off the stage.  Apparently, he was at the center of the scare.  He’s the tall bald man seen a few seconds in, being walked out to the right.

Judge Jeanine Pirro and Trump advisor retired LTG Michael Flynn have weighed in.

Rudy Giuliani introduced Trump at the beginning of the rally:

Trump drew the usual big crowd.

His campaign tweeted out thanks to the Secret Service:

Meanwhile, Hillary didn’t sound so good at her rally earlier on Saturday in Florida.

Bernie Sanders headlined a rally for her in Iowa, and a student speaker went off script and started urging attendees not to vote for Hillary.

Talk amongst yourselves, and feel free to make with the jokes about Hillary turning out to have dodged sniper fire in Reno today.

J.E. Dyer

J.E. Dyer

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