Editor of prominent black magazine: I want Trump supporters to die

Editor of prominent black magazine: I want Trump supporters to die

The editor of a prominent black website wished death to supporters of Republican nominee Donald Trump for their political beliefs.

Damon Young, a contributing editor at Ebony.com, wrote an op-ed Wednesday explaining why he’s voting for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, which according to the title, is “because I want Trump supporters to lose badly and go and f*cking die.” (Young seems to have some difficulty with the concept of cause and effect.)

“Yes, you read that correctly,” he wrote at VerySmartBrothas.com, of which he is editor-in-chief:

 I want these motherf*ckers to lose. And if losing what might be the last winnable election for them in a millennia isn’t enough for them to move into the 21st century, I wouldn’t terribly mind if they withered the f*ck away and died.

VerySmart indeed.

Since Trump supporters are motivated solely by “hate and fear and loathing,” according to Young, he is throwing his lot with Clinton.

I do not want these people to feel good or inspired. I do not want them to receive some type of collective psychic [sic] victory. I do not want them to experience any measure of positive reinforcement.

Young assumes that all Trump supporters hate him and “people who look like” him. But the photo above is of blacks who support Trump, who presumably do not hate “people who look like,” which includes themselves.

He maintains the only way to change their hatred is for them to experience the shame and confusion by losing the election. And if that “isn’t enough to convince them to at least consider not hating me and people who look like me and people who don’t look like them,” then he wishes them dead.

Young also said he would write them a thank you note if they were kind enough to die.

Earlier in the “essay,” Young explains that he hasn’t “necessarily been #WithHer,” trading on one of Hillary Clinton’s many campaign slogans, adding his view that “she’s flawed, hawkish, and can be ruthless.” Ultimately, though, he believes Clinton “represents the lesser of two evils.”

In August, a Black Lives Matter organizer expressed disdain for the election, saying that the entire election was a “tyrannical pageant of white fear.”

This report, by Amber Randall, was cross-posted by arrangement with the Daily Caller News Foundation.

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