Republican Sen. Ben Sasse: You know who’s really responsible for Obama’s executive overreach?

Republican Sen. Ben Sasse: You know who’s really responsible for Obama’s executive overreach?

Republican Nebraska Sen. [score]Ben Sasse[/score] is harsh on the Republican Congress and is known for delivering long lectures rather than leveraging his influence to impact policy.

Congress is responsible for creating President Barack Obama’s executive overreach by its legislative underreach, Sasse says. He believes if Donald Trump is in fact elected in November, it will be interesting to see if Democrats and the mainstream media will be as comfortable with an aggressive Trump administration.

In an interview with The Daily Caller News Foundation, the senator chose not to focus heavily on Trump, the Republican nominee for president. Sasse noted, however, the election cycle is seeing a Republican party that has failed to carry a unified message.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

He says Obama’s “pen and a phone theory of governance is unconstitutional and abhorrent to the American system. And yet it’s not unique to him.” Sasse says this way of leading has plagued American politics “for a long time,” but he is against any “emperor-like figure” in the executive branch.

“We haven’t been teaching what America means to the next generations since the 60s,” Sasse says.

He believes America is now left with a large swath of people who belive the “nonsense the Democrats peddled during the 2012 election.” The Nebraska senator highlights and fears the majority of America now believes if there is a problem, the government will swoop in and solve it.

As for the fight on policies, he adds liberals are “selling a crappy message: central planning in the age of Uber.”

Commenting on the safe space movement spreading across American campuses, Sasse is concerned that 40% of young people think First Amendment protections of free speech are dangerous. He asks where the ACLU liberals or civil libertarian lions of the left are.

Sasse thinks Americans should not have confidence in their government keeping them safe from terror. Obama is making Americans less safe by refusing to clarify that “killing in the name of religion” is the foundational motive of those waging war against us.

This report, by Ginni Thomas, was cross-posted by arrangement with the Daily Caller News Foundation.

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