Police find bomb-making materials in dorm at this college

Police find bomb-making materials in dorm at this college

Police in Virginia arrested three students after uncovering bomb-making materials in a George Mason University dorm, according to court documents released Monday.

Authorities responded to reports of flames shooting out the window of a dorm room in Jefferson Hall last Wednesday. In the room, police found multiple materials consistent with manufacturing an explosive device. Police say there is no immediate threat to George Mason University students or the community surrounding Fairfax. Officials have yet to reveal the identities of the students involved, reports Fox 5.

Police initially confronted the residents of the dorm and noted seeing what appeared to be marijuana, according to court documents. After obtaining a search warrant, authorities found an array of explosives-making material, including a mortar and pestle, match books, shaved match heads, lighter fluid, hand sanitizer, candles and PVC pipe.

A bomb squad told campus police the materials were likely being used to make explosives, potentially fire bombs. Students in the George Mason dorm were shaken by the arrests.

“It’s surprising to me that no one else on the floor knew about it, and if they did, they didn’t say anything about it,” Sydney Cono, a student told Fox 5. “Explosive are very, very harmful, but at least the police caught it before something bad could have potentially happened.”

Police arrested two of the three suspects on charges related to drugs and alcohol and the other student on possession of bomb-making materials. Authorities have not released any information regarding a potential motive the students had for attempting to produce explosives, reports NBC Washington.

“I had no idea any of that stuff was in there,” Branden Adoseh, a neighbor in the residence hall who witnessed police raid the room told NBC Washington. “I mean, I know the people there, and I wouldn’t say that any of them were doing too crazy. But, I had no idea what they had those for.”

This report, by Steve Birr, was cross-posted by arrangement with the Daily Caller News Foundation.

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