Nancy Pelosi wants to do this in re illegal immigrants who leave the U.S.

Nancy Pelosi wants to do this in re illegal immigrants who leave the U.S.

The Democrats are once again proving conservatives right … and establishment Republicans wrong.

The establishment is always telling us that if we’ll just compromise with the Democrats over certain issues (illegal immigration, abortion, taxes, spending, etc.) that it will put us in a better position for future debates. The only problem with this line of thinking is that it never works.

For the most recent example of why conservatives are so angry with the establishment’s proclivity for compromising and pandering, look no further than the Democrat Party’s leader in the House.

In press conference this past week, Nancy Pelosi attacked the GOP-dominated legislature for not letting illegal immigrants who leave the country to re-enter at will! Pelosi used the history of Irish-Americans in an attempt to buttress her position (which is not logical considering that the vast majority of Irish immigrants came here legally), but the comparison obviously falls short.

Said Pelosi:

It’s ironic that … they’re having this vote on St. Patrick’s Day. Last night, we had a celebration of the Irish-American heritage. While I do not have Irish grandparents, I do have Irish grandchildren, and one of them was there at the dinner and we talked about immigration.

So, and what it’s about is all the Irish who are here — 50,000 who are here who can’t even go home for a family funeral because the law would not allow them to come back into the country. They are not here, shall we say, fully documented, and we need to change the law, comprehensive immigration reform. [Emphasis added]

Will Republicans yet again call for tearing apart families and deporting DREAMers? Sadly, there’s not much difference between Donald Trump and House Republicans when it comes to a record of appalling anti-immigrant statements and an agenda of discrimination.

Here’s the video:

This is why we can’t have nice things in this country or the Republican party. Every effort they make to incrementally make us more liberal will simply be followed by more attempts at liberalization. As our parents used to complain – we can give them an inch but then they’ll try to take a mile. And they’ll likely succeed.

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