The latest and more horrific way in which ISIS is exploiting children

The latest and more horrific way in which ISIS is exploiting children
Image: Daily Mail video screen grab

The Obama administration has finally completed its investigation into whether the Islamic State’s slaughter of religious minorities is genocide. The unsurprising answer is in the affirmative.

Now maybe these great minds can focus their attention on the horrible truth about one group that ISIS is exploiting to carry out its murderous plan. That group, which is known as “caliphate cubs,” is comprised of children, who were formerly brainwashed to become suicide bombers.

But the terrorists have found a new plan for the little ones, and the lower age limit for recruitment into jihadism seems to be limited only by the ability to walk. The horrifying picture in this tweet tells all:

ISIS’s brainwashing of children is nothing new. In June 2015, the Daily Mail wrote that the group had taken 500 children from all over Iraq to train as killing machines. This latest move, however, reveals that they have upped the ante.

Here is a video from the same article on the insidious practice of grooming children to become fighters.

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer.

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