Say hello to the Hillary-loving superdelegate who is a convicted felon

Say hello to the Hillary-loving superdelegate who is a convicted felon

For a Democrat, or more specifically a Bernie Sanders supporter, it must be extremely frustrating to deal with the process of “superdelegates” – where party insiders get to circumvent the will of voters.

Superdelegates get to choose whichever candidate they so desire, regardless of the way people vote. As it stands after last night’s contests, Hillary Clinton has amassed nearly 95% of those superdelegates.

Where once there may have been a tight race, Clinton is pulling away from Sanders easily because of a wholly undemocratic process.

Now add this bit of news to the fray: One prominent New York superdelegate just so happens to be a convicted felon.

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In November, former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver was found guilty on seven counts involving corruption schemes that netted him $4 million in legal fees.

Silver is still a member in good standing with the Democratic National Committee, and as such, remains entitled to serve as a superdelegate.

Via Newsday:

The Point has learned that Silver has not resigned from the prestigious DNC post, so the party, which doesn’t have an official process for removing members who are felons, is trying to figure out how to oust him.

Silver has an intimate political relationship with Clinton. The America Rising PAC describes Silver’s role as “critical to Clinton’s political machine.” He played a key role in gathering support for Clinton’s 2000 Senate campaign.

According to Jazz Shaw at Hot Air, Silver and Clinton have “more than a few political donors in common.” And Clinton has described Silver as “a stalwart voice for New Yorkers.”

Despite such a relationship, Clinton’s campaign refused to disavow Silver as a superdelegate. In fact, several prominent Democrats refused to denounce Silver.

Via the Daily Caller:

Silver, apparently a DNC member in good standing, actually endorsed Hillary in 2008. But her campaign Tuesday ignored inquiries about whether she wants his support this time around. Press secretaries for Bernie Sanders and the Democratic convention also pulled a deaf mute routine.

Ditto for former DNC chairman Ed Rendell and current vice chair Donna Brazile.

So, there you have it. Democratic Party luminaries do not see any reason to renounce the convicted felon who could play a crucial role in determining their nominee. But these are the people who say Donald Trump is an affront to mainstream American values?

America Rising PAC press secretary, Amelia Chassé, issued a statement saying in part, “If voters need proof positive that the Democrats’ superdelegate process is corrupt and undemocratic, they need look no further than the unbelievable fact that convicted felon Sheldon Silver still merits a superdelegate slot.”

Chassé continued: “The Democratic Party’s claim to be unable to remove an individual that was convicted of federal corruption charges and forced to resign in disgrace strains credulity. One Democrat that probably won’t be leading the charge for Silver’s removal? Secretary Clinton, who called him a ‘stalwart voice on behalf of the needs of New Yorkers’ and accepted his endorsement in 2008.”

Had this been anyone offering merely ancillary support to a Republican presidential candidate, their relationship would be front-page news in a 24-hour/day cycle.

In this case, it involves the Clintons, where perpetual corruption is nothing more than a side note.

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Rusty Weiss

Rusty Weiss

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