Don’t say ‘pregnant woman’ because the phrase will offend … wait, WHO?

Don’t say ‘pregnant woman’ because the phrase will offend … wait, WHO?

This story will begin as soon as the author gets past the fairly nauseating notion of a “breastfeeding trans dad.” Yes, I’ve seen the “Seinfeld” rerun about the “manziere” and have glimpsed adult males at my health club who could use one. I have not, however, had the misfortune until now of seeing a photograph of a man breastfeeding (reproduced below), and it’s an image I won’t soon be able to scrub from my brain.

This latest decree by the PC language police is a reflection of efforts by the Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA) to purge the phrases pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers from its website and the English language. The terms, MANA argued, are offensive to transgender parents of nursing children. The recommended replacement term is “birthing individual.”

breastfeeding man

Liam Deacon of Breitbart notes that the demand was not going to become linguistic law without a fight from … er — “traditionalists”:

[A] group calling themselves “Woman-Centred Midwifery” (WCM) published an open letter addressed to MANA, signed by hundreds of respected Midwifery experts including the revered “mother of authentic midwifery” Ina May Gaskin.

They wrote, very politely, that: “MANA’s attempts at inclusivity are commendable in today’s complex world. We are concerned, however, by accelerating trends in our culture to deny material biological reality and further disconnect ourselves from nature and the body.”

…[T]hey protested that, “women are now all but missing from the language, as if we can separate woman from mother from baby. Woman is recognized now only in relation to her baby. This is harmful to female adult humans; we women have fought long and hard to be recognized as autonomous beings.”

Once again, the liberal world finds itself refereeing a fight between two protected classes, transgenders and women.


Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer and regular contributor to "Liberty Unyielding."


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