If Obama had a(nother) daughter, she’d be Kim

If Obama had a(nother) daughter, she’d be Kim

If you haven’t yet heard the sob story of Kim — a 22-year-old coed who spent every penny of a $90,000 college fund set up by her grandparents on clothing, a trip to Europe, and “stuff like that” — then you haven’t been paying attention. Kim first shared her tragic tale on an Atlanta radio show called “The Bert Show” and has since retold it to Fox news, Cosmopolitan, Mashable, Yahoo, Uproxx, the Inquisitr, the Daily Mirror, and any other outlet that would listen. She has also bemoaned her plight on her own thread on Reddit.

What makes Kim’s story worth repeating here is her mindset, which should now be familiar to any American who has watched and listened to Barack Obama whine his way through his presidency to date. Consider some of her observations, in her own words:

Maybe they [her parents] should have taught me how to budget a little better, a little more carefully. They never sat me down and had a real serious talk about it. They said, ‘Here’s your college fund, it’s for classes only.’…

Translation: It’s not my fault I mismanaged the money entrusted to me. It’s someone else’s fault. In Kim’s case, “someone else” is her parents. In Obama’s case, it is his own surrogate parents, aka, the Republicans whom the American people put in charge first of one and then the other house of Congress to rein in his own profligate spending.

Kim, who is hopelessly naïve, thinks it is now incumbent on her parents to bail her out, no matter what it takes, even as she publicly accuses them of holding out on her:

They’re not being honest with me, saying they don’t have it because my father has worked for like a million years and they have a retirement account.

Recognize the pattern? In one of his many tirades over Republicans’ reluctance to raise the debt ceiling (his weekly allowance), Obama in 2012 said:

I do not want, and I will not accept, a deal in which I am … able to keep hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional income that I don’t need, while a parent out there who is struggling to figure out how to send their kid to college suddenly finds that they’ve got a couple thousand dollars less in grants or student loans. [Emphasis added]

That highlighted notion is a fascinating one. Sadly, he was never pressed to explain what “additional income” is or who gets to decide or what part of some presumably rich dude’s earnings he “doesn’t need.”

Kim also bristled at her parents’ suggestion that she seek part-time employment to finance her final year of college:

I know they’re trying to teach me a lesson and blah blah blah and character building but, like, I hope they realize [working part-time] could have such a negative effect on my grades and as a person.

Obama agrees that work can have a negative effect on a person. That is why he countenanced (and probably had input int0) a policy directive issued in July 2012 by his Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announcing changes to the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) act, better known as “welfare reform.” The changes eased the burden on welfare recipients by extending the definition of “work” to include maintaining a journal and taking naps.

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Howard Portnoy

Howard Portnoy

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