*UPDATE* Ferguson: No bill from grand jury sparks nationwide demos with Bolshevik-style orchestration (Video)

*UPDATE* Ferguson: No bill from grand jury sparks nationwide demos with Bolshevik-style orchestration (Video)

[Ed. note: most UPDATES appear at end of post.]

Will Monday night be a big anti-climax after weeks of nervous anticipation about the grand jury decision on Officer Darren Wilson?

Or will agitators make good on their threats, in cities across America, and launch some of the ugliest riots America has seen in decades?

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Readers can tune in to the news networks themselves.  I want to make sure readers are aware of the Ustream streaming video being made available by pro-Hamas lefty Bassem Masri, the St. Louis-area agitator whom we met two weeks ago in an earlier post of mine.  The stream is embedded below.

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

You can join me in listening to an incessant stream of “f-“ and “s-bombs,” if you have the stomach for it.

INSERT:  Based on what I saw tonight, this following observation is extremely important.  The original appears as an update at the very end of the post, but I want to call it out here because of its importance.  The maximum number of people possible need to be aware of this, and be on the lookout for the same rehearsed and organized patterns from agitators.

Ferguson callout

A few updates as we keep watch tonight.  One, the National Guard has been seen deploying in Clayton, MO, where the prosecutor is to speak this evening. (H/t Jim Hoft, Bipartisan Report)


Our pals the RbG Black Rebels are preparing for “war.”  

As Jim Hoft documents in this screen-grab, the RbG group has left no doubt what it means by war.  It’s been stockpiling ammo.

(Image: Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit)
(Image: Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit)


Young Cons has a video posted on Facebook today by a masked anti-white gang calling itself Tactical Sh**, which reportedly has been seen in Ferguson.  Per Young Cons:

Apparently thinking they’re going to “free the hood,” they go on to say they’re so fierce that even “ISIS don’t wanna f*ck with this sh*t.” As mentioned above, they eventually go on to threaten murder by saying, “We gonna start killin’ mother-f-ckers.”

The Facebook post (language warning):


It’s not even close to business as usual in the Ferguson area.  Most readers will have heard the schools are closed.  This VICE News report reveals the extent of the impact on local business owners, who have been hiring private security guards to move their assets out of harm’s way.  A precious-metals dealer moved everything out of his store last week, only to move it back in when no report came out of the grand jury.  Now he’s having it all moved again:

Missouri Gold Buyers & Jewelry, the largest precious metal buyer in the state, according to the company’s website, has four shops in the St. Louis area, two of which are in North St. Louis County communities neighboring Ferguson. It was one of several area businesses looted following protests over Brown’s death. In August, masked men shattered one of the back windows of the diminutive shop on Kingshighway Boulevard in St. Louis and got inside, but they were unable to break into the safe, according to the shop’s owner, Mike Duke.

Duke is not taking any risks this time around.

“We got everything out last week, we put it back on Monday,” said Duke, who had heard the grand jury decision would be announced on a Sunday. “This weekend it’s going out again. A lot of it has already been moved.” Moving his product back and forth comes at quite a cost, though exactly how much he wouldn’t say.

“It’s costing a lot of money,” he said. “The worst part is the stores that are normally are producing cash in the North County stores, for the last three months, nobody’s doing business in North County. Revenue’s way down. It’s horrible.”

And the St. Louis metro isn’t the only area where agitators have promised riots.  Police are gearing up in Chicago:


Los Angeles…  

New York…

We can hope the agitators are optimistic in their projections on this map.  

But the bottom line is that law enforcement is in for a very long night in much of urban America.

Late-breaking: crowd marches in Seattle:


  Protesters squirt lighter fluid on a police care in Ferguson (after the prosecutor’s presser).  

Los Angeles news reporting Interstate 10 backed up for miles after protesters walked onto it in La Brea;


*UPDATE* The statement by the prosecutor:  Before announcing the grand jury’s decision, county prosecutor Robert McCulloch beefs up his announcement with a lengthy discussion of who and what were involved in processing the evidence and working through it with the grand jury.  He specifically mentions the U.S. Justice Department’s participation.  Now he’s giving us a timeline of the grand jury process, and commending the grand jury for being “extremely engaged.”  The litany of evidence, experts, and witnesses sounds more like a trial proceeding than a grand jury — which I’m sure is the impression he means to convey.  Clearly he wants to present what we expect to be a no-bill as the result of an exhaustive review.

And there it is, at 8:25 PM Central: no probable cause to indict Officer Darren Wilson. Follow-on commentary by McCulloch: the gist is that at least some of the witness testimony was inconsistent.  Significantly, most of the witnesses’ testimony did agree that Michael Brown was moving toward Officer Wilson when Wilson shot him at the end of the brief pursuit.  McCulloch says the evidence and testimony will be released publicly following his statement.

9:00 PM Central:  While the Q&A drags on, revealing little, a separate update.  FiveThirtyEight rushes out with a post observing — speciously — that grand juries usually return indictments.  “It’s incredibly rare for a grand jury to do what Ferguson’s just did,” says the headline. But that’s not for the reason the headline seems to imply.  Most grand juries return indictments because prosecutors only convene them when they really think there is probable cause.  If this case has been handled in a more normal, less political way, the prosecutor would very likely have called no grand jury and not sought an indictment in the first place.  The in-depth look that the grand jury gave to the evidence is more characteristic of a trial than a grand jury deliberation — and even after all these weeks and the intensive sifting of evidence, the jurors couldn’t support a probable cause finding, or render a true bill.  The prosecutor could have seen that from the beginning, and it’s virtually certain that he only convened a grand jury out of political considerations. The same thing twisted the legal process in the Trayvon Martin case, when Florida — for political reasons — brought an insupportable murder-two charge that had little hope of sticking.

9:05 PM:  Report of shots fired near Ferguson PD.  No further information at the moment.  Fox reporter now says he’s not sure it’s gunfire.  If you’re watching the live stream, they aren’t panicking, and they’re right on scene near the Ferguson PD.

9:10 PM:  As POTUS speaks from the White House, I hear police on a bullhorn in the live stream ordering people to disperse.  The order is unclear but it doesn’t sound like police are ordering them to leave the area but to get out of the street.  Cop’s voice saying “Get out of the street, you are unlawfully assembled.  get out of the street or you will be subject to arrest.”

9:15 PM – Report of tear gas coming out in Ferguson. New update from San Francisco: protesters lying down in the middle of the street.

9:20 PM – Visual confirmation from the live stream of tear gas and flash bangs…

** The tear gas deployment after reports of shots fired definitely overshadowed the POTUS-in-Chief. He didn’t say anything memorable, and I don’t know that anyone was listening anyway.

9:25 PM – Live stream update: “military vehicles” advancing on the protesters.  Looks like the police from here, not NG.  Haven’t seen anything to indicate that the Guard is deployed near the PD in Ferguson.

Surprise, surprise.  This is what the protesters were doing in Ferguson before the police deployed the tear gas: attacking police cars.

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

9:50 PM:  A police car on fire.  This was posted about 9:40 PM  Ferguson time on Twitter.  I saw what appeared to be this car explode about three minutes ago.  The dialogue in the live stream has been about hearing “shots” coming from the car, which the people on scene speculate is actually bullets exploding.

Ferguson police car on fire


9:52 PM:  Update on Twitter just now: “Holy crap. McDonalds just got totally destroyed.”  Yeah, that’s helpful.

10:00 PM:  I note that the mood from the live stream remains relatively calm and non-panicked.  What I’m seeing on Fox is people looting the liquor store that just got broken into near the McDonalds.  There’s no agony or panic going on, just a lot of running around yelling.  Another police car is on fire in the video from the Fox News helicopter.

10:15 PM (11:15 Eastern): Twitchy has a big summary on the protest in New York: “Times Square ‘shut down’ by Ferguson protest.”

Some good news: a woman faced down looters trying to smash into a restaurant in Ferguson a short time ago.


Small pockets of inspiration on a rotten night in America.

10:30 PM:  Three buildings on fire in Ferguson.  Jim Hoft reports that protesters have been throwing bricks and bottles at police.  Also that Interstate 44 was closed by protesters on the roadway.

10:35:  SHOTS FIRED.  Protesters in the live stream are walking calmly to the north because the police have told them to move or be arrested.  Whoa – screaming and live stream cuts out.  Camera rolling around like crazy.  Fox reporter can’t see source of gunshots. I think the Fox reporter is south of the protesters, who were streaming to the north on foot.  More when the live stream comes back up.  I hear panting and sounds of running coming from it, but no narrative.

11:00 PM:  The live stream is down now, replaced with a 40-second video clip from earlier tonight.  I’m seeing on Fox that Shep Smith has no contact with Steve Harrigan either.  CNN does have contact with their reporter, and she’s showing a scene with nothing but law enforcement as far as the eye can see.  Clearly the protesters have been removed from the worst-hit area.

**UPDATE** Tuesday 25 Nov – Breitbart picked up on the clue to why the live stream feed from Bassem Masri went down last night, as I described in the 10:35 and 11:00 PM updates.  Masri’s phone was stolen during that weird interlude.  The panting and running I heard was apparently the thief making off with his prize.  Masri, naturally, blamed the police (specifically, the fictional unicorn character, a “police agitator”).  Fitting finale to a sad passage in American history.

So far, I’ve seen images and reports of massive demonstrations in Seattle, Oakland, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Chicago, and New York.  There may be more.  But clearly, this has all been orchestrated.   In each city, the reports have indicated that the crowds have behaved in a planned and rehearsed manner.   There’s nothing spontaneous going on.  This is Bolshevik, “community-organizer” type incitement.  We need to keep that in mind in the coming days.

There are two important points about this.  One is that what we’re seeing is not an expression of popular will.  But the other is that the organizers can get out thousands of people at a time to make trouble.  These two conditions are not much different from the ones the actual Bolsheviks were able to use to so much advantage in 1917.  What’s different in America is that we still have important advantages for law and order:  a strong system of state governments (the police are not under the central control of a czar); a longstanding and well understood “rule of law” ethic; and a huge, educated, and armed middle class.

With that, I will be signing off for tonight.

J.E. Dyer

J.E. Dyer

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