Pre-teen girl field strips AR-15 and shoots like a pro; liberal heads explode (Video)

Pre-teen girl field strips AR-15 and shoots like a pro; liberal heads explode (Video)

A video posted on Facebook last week showing a young girl field stripping and reassembling an AR-15 is gaining a lot of buzz — and the video itself caused liberal heads to explode nationwide.

Rick Allen Carfagna posted the video on his page depicting the expertise of 11-year-old Mackenzie on Oct. 3. Less than a week later, it garnered nearly 22,000 shares.

The confidence and pride of the girl is apparent in her smile as she breaks the weapon down in a mere 15 seconds, ready for cleaning. Reassembly takes a tad longer, but the entire process–from beginning to end–takes her less than a minute.

The video itself isn’t new–it’s more than six years old, which makes one realize that she’s well into dating age by now. And isn’t likely to take any gruff from over-amorous boyfriends.

Here’s the post and video. Story continues after clip:


Although most readers would be proud to have a daughter like Mackenzie, the left was horrified. Here are a few examples of the sort of comments the clip generated:

so why is it that 900 more victims have been killed by guns in america since the sandyhook killings and tell that to the young kids that died killing is not encouraged..when you train a child with a lethal weapon killing is very much encouraged.. and this crazy idea its all about protection is a pile of crap. here ends the lesson you play with fire you get burnt .

Well, Responsible firearm ownership would be not letting a child who is 11 handle them. Who know how she will grow up, All I see here is another adult who is so gun crazy in america that they think this is ok, so sad, and you being As a former Marine as you say, should know better that these weapons belong in the hand of a Solider not a child……

You say it’s a good idea to teach them how to defend them selves against other people with guns. I’VE GOT A SOLUTION!!!!! Don’t give any body guns!!!!

Why would anyone be jealous of a kid that is bound to shoot up her school in a few years…this type of madness is why America’s kids are much dumber than the rest of the world. Loom at what we exceed in guns and wars. Can she count as fast as she dose this? Show a video of her doing something postive

And what’s the point. Let me see her do here school homework in 15sec.

America in many ways is great but this is we’re it falls down when you’ve got a sweet little girl shooting & field striping a gun. ohhh America where did you go wrong!

dad is stupid

Want to see more of Mackenzie? Check this one out. Here she is “on the shooting range performing drills with Tactical Response,” according to the video descriuption. “This was a two day Tactical Response Fighting Pistol training course. One of the best training organizations in the Nation.”

Michael Dorstewitz

Michael Dorstewitz

Michael Dorstewitz is a recovering Michigan trial lawyer and former research vessel deck officer. He has written extensively for BizPac Review.

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