AP government test as liberal indoctrination tool

Consider this post a work in progress. The photocopy of the page that appears below is from a test in AP government shared on the Facebook page Common Crud. Whether the test is compliant with Common Core Curriculum standards remains to be seen.

The exact source of the material is also unknown at this point. About the only information available is that the test the page comes from was administered by a school in Ohio, and the answers shown are the “correct” ones in the view of the publisher and the curriculum framework that guided their efforts.


Assuming that the questions this page accurately reflect the course content, students are taught some rather astonishing things about the two major political parties in the U.S. Among these are that the GOP is the “party whose corruption usually comes in the form of using the government for improper means” and that its election antics were so pernicious as to prompt Congress to pass major campaign legislation in 1974. (Students also learn interestingly that Republicans have no problems with the United Nations.)

It is not clear whether the content on this page predates the current administration, but if it does, consider all the lessons the GOP can learn from  the Obama White House that will help correct its shortcomings. They can learn, for example, that using the IRS to target groups with which the administration disagrees is not an example of “using the government for improper means.”

LU Staff

LU Staff

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