Arizona business owner, children, receive death threats for supporting religious freedom bill

Arizona business owner, children, receive death threats for supporting religious freedom bill

It seems that in Obama’s America, some are considered more equal than others.

On Wednesday, Alliance Defending Freedom said that a business owner in Gilbert, Ariz., who publicly expressed support for a religious freedom bill passed by the legislature has received emails wishing death on her and her children.

“It is the latest report of intolerant actions being taken by those who oppose the bill because they claim it and its supporters are ‘intolerant,’” ADF said.

“DIE YOU ****. AND I HOPE YOUR CHILDREN DIE TOO. YOU HATEFUL **** DEMON,” the email reportedly said.

According to ADF, the business owner received the email and others like it after publicly stating support for SB 1062 in media interviews.

Said Doug Napier, senior counsel with the legal group:

If you’re wondering where the supporters of SB 1062 are, they’re home protecting their children from death threats. Sadly, this is not the first time we’ve seen opponents of religious freedom not only spread falsehoods but engage in the very intolerance they say they oppose.

A restaurant in Tucson, for example, posted a sign saying it refused the right to serve Arizona legislators.

CBS Los Angeles reported that a popular gay bar in West Hollywood says it will add any state legislator who votes for “bills to allow for discrimination against LGBT people” to a so-called “Deny Entry List.”

The message is clear — it’s okay for some business and people to discriminate, but it’s not okay to support religious freedom.

But the threats and the discrimination by gay rights supporters are academic, as Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed the measure Wednesday.

“My agenda is to sign into law legislation that advances Arizona,” Brewer said. “I call them like I see them despite the cheers or the boos from the crowd. After weighing all the arguments, I have vetoed Senate Bill 1062 moments ago.”

Napier issued a statement following Brewer’s announcement and warned of more suppression against people of faith:

Freedom loses when fear overwhelms facts and a good bill is vetoed. Today’s veto enables the foes of faith to more easily suppress the freedom of the people of Arizona. Even though the battle has become more difficult, Alliance Defending Freedom stands ready to defend any Arizonan who suffers the indignity of religious discrimination.

Twitchy reported that Brewer was still the target of profane liberal hate on Twitter despite the veto.


Joe Newby

Joe Newby

Joe Newby is an IT professional. He has written for Conservative Firing Line, Examiner, NewsBusters, and Spokane Faith and Values.


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