Chuck Schumer blames Tea Party for the ills of the world

Chuck Schumer blames Tea Party for the ills of the world

Senator Chuck Schumer has either become unhinged or someone hacked into his “Campaign” Twitter account.

Before the tweets are shared, a reminder on this little-discussed story from 2011:

Jennifer Steinhauer of the New York Times reported that Senator Schumer was caught on hot mic instructing “his fellow senators” to portray Tea Party conservatives as “extreme.”

He said,

“I always use the word extreme. That is what the caucus instructed me to use this week.”

Chuck’s unhinged Tweets

When he has not been pushing the new “Organizing for Action” hashtag #RenewUI, Schumer has been relentlessly bashing the Tea Party and making some bizarre and false statements about the economy.

Interestingly, he presses on, despite the clear unpopularity of his tweets.

Not one response to his many derogatory comments about the Tea Party has been positive as of the time of this writing (ahem, including responses by this author).

Last week, Schumer declared,

Nobody took offensive tweet  seriously.

As reported at Liberty Unyielding, the Supreme Court ruling on the Citizens United v. FEC case can be directly linked to the IRS targeting of conservatives. Schumer, and a host of others, urged the IRS to target the Tea Party, and when the targeting was exposed, they initially expressed outrage. Then they created a rule to legalize the political targeting. The GOP establishment just sits back and lets it happen.

Schumer mentions the case again here:

Again, people were not impressed.

The unhinged Schumer has unveiled a “class war” strategy to pit the “leadership” of the Tea Party against the grassroots members. Sadly, it seems that the establishment GOP has embraced the plot, as reported at Liberty Unyielding. Schumer and his ilk forgets that the Tea Party is not motivated by money or party, but by principles.

Not one response to his tweet was receptive:

But Schumer kept up the assault against American Citizens, this time claiming that they distorted the purposes for the recession.

And, of course, nobody bought that, either.

And so on it goes, back to a bizarre version of class war that Schumer is trying to exploit within the Tea Party.

And again, not one positive response.

Needless to say, the rest of Schumer’s tweets were treated with the same level of suspicion. In fact, as of the time of this writing, there was not one positive response to any of these outrageous attacks against American citizens.  

  Some of the sceptical responses:  

Then, of course,

and the response:

Although nobody in the Tea Party is buying into this ridiculous tactic, it is genuinely painful that elected representatives who can no longer credibly point to George W. Bush for their failings are now resorting to attacking private citizens instead of engaging in some self-reflection. It is especially heartbreaking that nobody is paying attention to some of the more egregious things, with no basis in fact, that are being said about the Tea Party.

Elected officials and their allies have referred to the Tea Party as radicalsanarchistsextremiststerroristsunbiblicallegislative arsonists, committing jihad, have bombs strapped to their chestscommitting extortiontaking hostages, want to “tear down the house our founders built,” want to “blow up the global economy,” are “holding a gun to the head of Americans,” and are a “2.0 upgrade of the lynch mobs.”

An unnoticed speech

Senator Chuck Schumer was the Jefferson Jackson keynote speaker for the Iowa Democratic Party dinner in November 2013.

He made some condescending remarks about Senator Ted Cruz, and as usual, bashed the Tea Party.

In this little-noticed speech, Senator Schumer’s statements were not only unchallenged, but applauded.

As reported at Tavern Keepers, Schumer claimed that the Tea Party

  • “drove the nation and the world to the brink of default, risking economic collapse,”
  • “irresponsibly shutdown the government in pursuit of an undesirable and unacheivable result,”
  • was “purposefully” causing “gratuitous political dysfunction,”
  • ”emboldened our competitors like China, who urged all nations to accelerate the pursuit of a world where America does not play a crucial role.”
  • “cruelly and needlessly put 800,000 government workers and others out of work…”
  • “insists on weighing down the middle class at every turn.”
  • Tea Party’s anger needs to be “channeled into effective solutions,” or America will become a “different, more sour, less successful place for a generation.”

Notably, he also claimed that median incomes are dropping due to the “assault on labor.”

He also said that the bad economy was George Bush’s fault.

Schumer said,

“When Americans get to a place where they are upset and angry, there are two places that lead them out. One is the path our party has always taken; substantive programs where government works with private industry to provide a path so that the middle class can do better. It’s a positive path based on actually addressing the middle class’ problems…”

But the other path, he said, is the path the Tea Party has taken, which “unfortunately” appeals to the “dark side to Americans character.”

He said,

“When things get bad, there are always those who appeal to our lesser instincts…to fear and to anger and to negativity and to division. That is where the Tea Party finds it’s appeal.”

The Tea Party “exploits this anger” and “has gained too much traction.”

Then he said that the tea party was racist, misogynistic and anti-gay.

Watch the speech here:

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Renee Nal

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