Obama’s State Department allows Muslim linked to child porn into U.S.

Obama’s State Department allows Muslim linked to child porn into U.S.

The State Department continues allowing Muslims with radical links and questionable backgrounds into the U.S. without scrutiny. Newly released records from the 2012 Investigative Project on Terrorism confirm that our government allowed several Muslim Brotherhood (MB) delegates to enter the U.S. Then again, the Obama administration refuses to add the MB to its official terrorist list.

The records were obtained through a Freedom of Information Act and offer few details. The “Compiled References to MB Delegation Arrival and Departure,” the one-page document was marked “sensitive but unclassified.” There were four separate communications about the MB delegation written between March 30 and April 16, 2012.

It’s unclear who wrote the communications that allowed the MB free entry into the U.S. They were able to skip secondary inspections by U.S. Customs agents upon arrival, otherwise known as “port courtesy.” This is normally only reserved for high-ranking visiting government officials and dignitaries.

Breitbart News reports the March 30 communication offered help when dealing with “FJP Delegation and POE [port of entry] Courtesies and it said:

Please let the desk know over the weekend if you’d like our help submitting to DHS the ‘Special Alerts,’ which are used to request that travelers not be pulled into secondary [inspection] upon arrival at a point of entry.”

Several of the MB delegates arrived at JFK, and their scheduler reported everything went according to plan “smoothly.”

One MB delegate, Abdul Mawgoud Dardery, was even escorted through security checks in Minneapolis and New York’s JFK airport. He met with U.S. academic and senior government officials, despite being linked to a child-porn investigation in the United States that was begun several years ago. Under normal circumstances, someone with a known link to nefarious activity like child porn would have raised a red flag. This would subject the person to intense scrutiny, and he would probably be denied entry into the U.S.

The MB has open connections with Hamas, the terrorist group created as the Brotherhood’s Palestinian jihadist wing. The State Department knows all the facts but allowed the delegation’s entry and even seems to have laid out the red carpet for their arrival.

This isn’t the first time radical Muslims and those with questionable backgrounds are allowed in the U.S. On Jan. 17, it was reported by Liberty Unyielding that a Syrian Cleric with known radical jihadist views was allowed into the U.S. He’s currently on an 11-city tour to raise funds to help Syria’s unfortunate which will end on Jan 25.

Joseph L. Parker

Joseph L. Parker

Joseph L. Parker has written for Conservative Firing Line, the magazine Grace and Mercy, and has published over 550 articles for the Examiner.


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