Greece’s Golden Dawn Party falsely labeled ‘right-wing’ by mainstream media

Greece’s Golden Dawn Party falsely labeled ‘right-wing’ by mainstream media

Our real SocialismGreece’s Golden Dawn party refers to itself as a “a Social and Nationalist movement” on their website. Although they deny associating with the Nazi party, they are often referred to as “neo-nazis” in the press. They are “anti-Zionist” (code for anti-Semitic) and they speak derisively of the left… and the right. In fact they “spit on the face of the Right-wing traitors…”

According to them, they are “opposed to both internationalist communism and globalist capitalism.” 

They claim that if you are a supporter of their party, you “believe in the importance of the society, the community of the People, and not that of the individual.” But the biggest indicator that the Golden Dawn party is anything but “far-right” comes from their own self-professed hatred of the right.

They declare,

“We spit on the face of the Right-wing traitors, we spit on their loyalty to the Zionist regime, we spit on their political respectability!!”

Further, the Golden Dawn Party is against austerity. They lament the “neo-conservatives in parliament [who] passed brutal austerity measures” and say,

“Now we are told that the international banks who loaned Greece all this money, were ‘tricked’ by Greek politicians into making Greece look like a lucrative economic investment and that now the Greek people must pay with harsh austerity measures to compensate for this supposed trickery.”

Does This Sound Like the Tea Party to You?

Pretty much all the press in America and around the world, from the Huffington Post to Fox News, refers to the Golden Dawn party as “far-right.”

Perhaps a definition of far-right is in order.

Since the Tea Party is considered to be “far right” in America, their beliefs can be explained this way:

Generally speaking, the Tea Party is against excessive taxes and advocate limited government. They believe in the concept of “self-governance,” and advocate for more sovereignty for the states, as endorsed by the founding fathers. They oppose burdensome regulations and are very concerned about the stifling national debt. The Tea Party is firmly against government waste, fraud and abuse, and they are advocates of the free-market, not to be confused with crony capitalism.

The Tea Party is much less involved with social issues, but they are generally against the killing of unborn children and believe in marriage being defined as between a man and a woman, not to be confused with anti-gay. They are anti-illegal immigration, not to be confused with legal immigration, which is fully embraced. Of course, as a grassroots movement, there is no one platform.

Politicians like Harry Reid, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden have actually made speeches in the past that seem to fall in line with Tea Party beliefs, like when they all vocally decried the nuclear option and voted against raising the debt ceiling.

But their beliefs have since “evolved.” And the beliefs they once strongly vocalized are now considered to be “radical.”

As reported by Liberty Unyielding, the Tea Party has been battered for being “extreme.”

  • Representative Peter DeFazio said that the GOP has been made “hostage by extremist elements in their party” and used the terms “radical” and “anarchists” to describe these members, and continued to say that they are “funded by special interests.”
  • Representative Jim McDermott quoted the Bible and said that the GOP “doesn’t care about poor people.”
  • Representative Steve Cohen said that Obamacare is the “law of the land,” failing to mention that the law passed without one Republican vote, or that it is unpopular with Americans.
  • Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid repeated his common meme that the Tea Party representatives are “radicals,” and “anarchists.” Further, he declared that the GOP is “committing extortion,” and “holding a gun to the head of Americans.” He said, “It’s time for Republicans to stop obsessing over old battles”
  • Rep. George Miller said that Republicans were committing “Jihad against American citizens.”

Not surprisingly, the actual beliefs of the Tea Party are not explained by politicians. If they were, it would not be quite so easy to vilify them.

Obviously, the beliefs of the Tea Party are  strikingly different from the beliefs of Greece’s Golden Dawn Party.

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