Obama raiding Food Stamp coffers to finance wife’s ‘Let’s Move!’ farce

Obama raiding Food Stamp coffers to finance wife’s ‘Let’s Move!’ farce

food stampsOut of the mouths of babes. That’s where the White House is getting the bread (both the edible and metaphorical kind) it is using to beef up the budget of Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! anti-obesity initiative. The New York Post explains:

On Nov. 1, sizable cuts were gouged into the federal food-stamp program (or, as it’s now called, SNAP, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), which feeds 47.6 million people, or nearly one in six Americans. In the city, 1.9 million folks get the bulk of their Jell-O and Campbell’s Soup from stamps.

But news has spread among the poor, like leafy green vegetables, that it wasn’t heartless Republicans who triggered the cuts.

Rather, some of the food-stamp cash was snatched to pay for Michelle Obama’s pet project, Let’s Move.

The SNAP program has been a bone of ideological contention ever since the Republican-led House proposed earlier this year to cut the bloated program, enrollment in which has doubled under the Obama administration. Political columnists on the left, like the Daily Beast’s Michael Tomasky, have been in high dudgeon, blasting the GOP as the party of Scrooge, while pretending that abuses to the system — e.g., Americans selling their food stamps for cash — don’t exist.

Now it turns out that their fearless leader is contributing to that abuse.

The Post fixes the damage at 76 million meals that will vanish from New York City alone each year because the president diverted money from SNAP to the first lady’s signature anti-obesity program.

Triada Stampas, director of government relations for the Food Bank, is quoted as saying, “It is bad policy to take away a child’s dinner and put it in his lunch.” Especially when the lunch in question tastes like vomit.

LU Staff

LU Staff

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