Sarah Palin schools Matt Lauer: Obamacare ‘socialized medicine’

Sarah Palin schools Matt Lauer: Obamacare ‘socialized medicine’

Sarah PalinWhile appearing on Monday’s edition of the Today Show, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin schooled Matt Lauer, informing him that Obamacare is nothing more than “socialized medicine” that is “being crammed” down America’s throat.

Palin also hammered Lauer when he asked about Obama’s apology last week.

“What apology?’’ Palin responded. “He kind of acknowledged a bit that there’s a broken website. The broken website is the least of America’s worries. This broken website I think is symbolic of a broken administration. Take over one-sixth of our economy and the socialized medicine that’s being crammed down our throat, that’s what’s broken.”

But Palin wasn’t finished, hammering Lauer on the notion that only five percent of the population would be affected.

“Where do you get this five percent?’’ she asked. “It’s not five percent. It’s most Americans will not be able to keep the healthcare policy and programs that they had desired. The new programs that are being forced down our throat are unaffordable. Some of them are still being told, ‘Well if you like that insurance policy and that coverage, you still will be able to keep it, it’s just going to cost you a little bit more.’ That’s the point. If it’s going to cost you more, then it’s not the same policy.”

She also told the NBC host that Republicans have offered plans for years, but liberal Democrats have refused to consider any of them.  Now, millions of Americans are losing their coverage despite Obama’s promises, and some have had their personal information stolen thanks to the massive government program.

“Those plans have been proposed over and over again, and what thwarts those plans is the far left. It’s President Obama and his supporters who will not allow the Republicans to usher in free market, patient-centered, doctor-patient-relationship leaps to reform healthcare,” she said.

Lauer also tried to get Palin to sing the praises of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who recently won re-election, but Palin didn’t bite, saying there’s not a Ronald Reagan-style politician on the field today.

Instead, she praised conservatives like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee who acted on promises they made to their constituents.

“When you stand in the middle of the road, you’re going to get hit on both sides of the road,” she said. “We need to take a stand, especially on this Obamacare, and support those who are just fulfilling their campaign promises. So many politicians ran for reelection and for election saying they would do anything in their power to de-fund the state of socialized medicine program called Obamacare. Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, some of these guys were actually fulfilling their campaign promises and they ask for debate. That’s why they stood up. They took the stand, (and) fought for us to debate the issue of Obamacare.”

Palin, NBC said, was “coy” about her own political aspirations, including a potential run for the U.S. Senate.



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