RFK Jr.’s diary: Revs. Jackson and Sharpton ‘give me the creeps’

RFK Jr.’s diary: Revs. Jackson and Sharpton ‘give me the creeps’

The Apple Store Soho Presents Meet The Filmmakers: "The Last Mountain"Will the real Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., please stand up? Actually, I suspect that everyone who has read the excerpts from his “bombshell” diary that appeared in Monday’s New York Post knows which JFK. Jr. is the real one. And it’s not the man who issued what James Taranto called “a laughably insincere denial.”

In an email to the paper, the nephew of President John F. Kennedy wrote:

The New York Post has chosen to print excerpts from a 13-year-old diary illegally stolen from me.

The diary served as a tool for self-examination and for dealing with my spiritual struggles at the time. It also contains unedited, unfiltered stream-of-consciousness musings about current events and people.’

Nothing in that diary was ever meant for publication. I have nothing but respect for Governor Cuomo, Rev. Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, all of whom have distinguished themselves as extraordinary national leaders over the past decade. [Emphasis added]

The highlighted passage is conceivably the only truthful statement that Kennedy makes in his email. The rest of it — including the redundancy “illegally stolen,” (which implies there is such a thing as “legal theft”) — is merely an effort to cover his embarrassment. His system of coding the sexual acts he took part in with 37 women to whom he was not married seems to mock his claim that the diary is a “tool for self-examination.”

As for his “unfiltered stream-of-consciousness musings about current events and people,” his unflattering opinions of “Rev. Sharpton and Jesse Jackson” seem pretty straightforward.

The two, he writes in July 5, 2001 entry, give me the creeps”:

Al Sharpton has done more damage to the black cause than [segregationist Alabama Gov.] George Wallace. He has suffocated the decent black leaders in New York. His transparent venal blackmail and extortion schemes taint all black leadership.


[Jesse Jackson’s] love affair with [Nation of Islam leader] Louis Farrakhan and his Jewish xenophobia are also unforgivable.

I feel dirty around him, and I feel like I’m being used. I feel like with Jesse, it’s all about Jesse.

He goes, the Post article notes, to call Sharpton a “buffoon” who has never escaped the “stench” of his advocacy for Tawana Brawley, the black teen from upstate New York who fabricated a story about six white men raping her in 1987. And he describes Jackson as having “a desperate and destructive addiction to publicity,” recalling that at the funeral of Cesar Chavez, Jackson pushed the labor leader’s “friends and family out of the way to make himself lead pall bearer.”

What is perhaps most interesting about Kennedy’s mea culpa, though hardly surprising, is that Kennedy — who views himself as bipartisan in his political outlook — defends only his unflattering comments about fellow Democrats. Apparently, he stands by his unkind words for former President George W. Bush, whom in 2003 he called “a simpleton who is promising revenge in a crusade,” adding:

He will drop million-dollar bombs on 10 dollar houses in Kabul and bomb [them] back to the dirt age. It’s agonizing having him as our leader, and I know the forces of darkness in his administration will turn this awful tragedy to their advantage.

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Howard Portnoy

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