Media Matters says Colorado recall advertisement is ‘anti-Semitic’

Media Matters says Colorado recall advertisement is ‘anti-Semitic’

Recall AdThe historic recall elections today in Colorado are targeting Senate President John Morse and Senator Angela Giron, who are facing the first recall elections in Colorado’s history over their support of unpopular Second Amendment busting legislation.

The truly grassroots effort would be an inspiration to America, if it was reported.

The bad behavior of opponents of the recall has been well-documented and out-of-state money has been pouring in by radical left groups, particularly New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, whose “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” has “pushed for more restrictions on firearms in states nationwide, including Colorado,” as reported by Evan Moreno via SFGate last month.

Yesterday, Timothy Johnson of the already-marginalized Media Matters referred to an advertisement by Pueblo Freedom and Rights (a grassroots group in support of the recall Angela Giron) as “anti-Semitic” for portraying Bloomberg as Giron’s puppet master.

Johnson writes,

“The depiction of a Jewish leader as a puppet-master is widely acknowledged as anti-Semitic imagery because of its relation to conspiracy theories about Jewish control of the political process or global economy.”

This lame tactic trivializes true anti-Semitism, just as the relentless cries of “racist” to opponents of President Obama’s failed policies diminishes true racism.

As yours truly wrote for the Examiner yesterday,

“Clearly, the advertisement is referring to the vast sums of money poured into the state by Michael Bloomberg, and is not an anti-Semitic slam of his Jewish heritage.”

The incomparable Joe Newby wrote today,

“It’s become quite apparent that liberals are incapable of making an argument without crying racism.”

In what would be a substantial win for Second Amendment supporters, the early voting in the historic Colorado recall elections was “similar to that on a busy day during a presidential election,” as reported by Fox News Sunday.

The recall election ballots will be tallied on Tuesday night in what Democratic National Committee Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz referred to, ironically, as “a blatant attack on our Democratic principles,” as previously reported by the Examiner.

The gun control legislation was so unpopular, in fact, that it contributed to the decision by eleven counties in Colorado to form a new state entirely. The counties have “referred the ’51st State’ question to the ballot for this fall,” as reported by their official websiteIn other awesome news, a group of 54 sheriffs filed a lawsuit over the gun control legislation, as reported by the Fort Morgan Times

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