MSNBC's Thomas Roberts bashes guest's children for being white, male, presumably straight

MSNBC's Thomas Roberts bashes guest's children for being white, male, presumably straight

Roberts BarnicleIt seems that liberals throughout the media are using the Zimmerman acquittal to advance a decidedly racist message against anyone who is white.

On Monday, the National Review Online reported that MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts bashed the children of contributor Mike Barnicle for being white, male, and presumably straight during a discussion on the Zimmerman acquittal on “Morning Joe.”

According to Roberts, Barnicle’s sons have “hit the American trifecta of privilege” in ways that Trayvon Martin and others — presumably blacks and Hispanics — have not.

“Barnicle,” Andrew Johnson wrote, “was describing how ‘truly unsettling’ he found it that he didn’t have to worry about warning his sons how to behave around law enforcement because they are white when Thomas Roberts interjected.”

“With all due respect, your three boys have hit the American trifecta of privilege,” Roberts said. “They are white, straight males, presumably.”

“If you are an ‘other’ in this country,” he added, ”and that means if you are an LGBT, if you are Hispanic, if you are black, if you are a woman, right now, we are fighting to prove why ‘other’ is not bad, and why we are due the value of American rights.”

“Trayvon’s rights were obviously violated,” he continued. ”Stalked, followed, presumed to be suspicious from the get-go.”

An all-female jury, however, found Zimmerman not guilty of any wrong-doing in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

Supporters of Trayvon Martin, upset with the verdict, have protested, blocked traffic on a California freeway and issued death threats against Zimmerman, his wife, attorney and the jurors in the case.

Pressure is now being put on the Justice Department to file civil rights charges against Zimmerman, even though the FBI found that racism played no role in the shooting.

Roberts, however, did not discuss the murder of Joshua Heath Chellow, a white man who was killed earlier this month when black gang members beat him and forced him into the path of an oncoming vehicle.

Apparently, in MSNBC’s view, white people should forget about equal protection under the law as well.

Video of the exchange can be seen here.



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