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Guess which loyal Obama voter bloc will be punished most by EPA’s climate change regulations

black voters for Obama

Answer: Black Americans

President Obama is “rewarding” his most loyal voter block with EPA regulations that will punish black Americans with a big increase in electricity prices which will reduce their disposable income.

High energy prices harm lower- and fixed-income Americans because it takes a larger share of their income than households with greater income. Households with the lowest incomes are hurt the most.

Black households have the lowest average incomes and highest unemployment among demographic groups.

As reported by The Wall Street Journal, black households’ income averaged $33,321 in 2012, which is the lowest mean income among race groups according to a report by the U.S Census Bureau.

As promised by Obama in 2008, his climate change regulations will make electricity prices “skyrocket.”

A study by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimated that climate change regulations like the EPA’s recently announced new rules for existing power plants will result in added electricity expenses of $17 billion a year through 2030.

That $17 billion in added costs is going to hurt black families a lot more than Obama’s billionaire donors such Tom Steyer – a big climate change activist.

The impact of rising energy prices on American households was evaluated in a study sponsored by American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity.

For 2012, the study found the average income of black households were 33% lower than the average income of white households.

In households that earned less than $30,000 in 2012, energy costs were estimated to take about 26 percent of family budgets.

High energy prices are preferentially harming Obama’s biggest supporters, black voters, and it’s going to get worse.

Tragically, too, many black voters don’t realize that Obama’s energy policy is responsible for their loss of disposable income.

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Deneen Borelli is Outreach Director for FreedomWorks, a grassroots organization dedicated to limited government. She is a contributor at Fox News and has written for The Blaze, The Daily Caller, Los Angeles Times, and dozens of other publications. She is the author of the book ”Blacklash: How Obama and the Left are Driving Americans to the Government Plantation.”

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  • Robert Jacoby

    I wonder how many more stories we’d hear about these new EPA regulations but for the Bergdahl story.

    • Howard Portnoy

      If you believe (and I do) that the Bergdahl story was supposed to be a good-news diversion from the EPA regs, the likely number increases.

  • Xavier

    Yeah I’m thinking somebody’s about to get an electric bill subsidy from Uncle Sam, er, I mean the rest of us.

    • cozmo

      I Thought there already were subsidies.

      • Xavier

        More subsidies. A low income subsidy, a single parent family subsidy, a gang risk subsidy, a repressed subsidy, a bad neighborhood subsidy, an overcrowded school subsidy, a subsidy for homes with more than 3 children, a rental subsidy, a drug risk subsidy, a subsidy for using public transportation, a carbon credit subsidy, and a gasoline subsidy.

        That’ll keep ’em on the plantation.

  • cozmo

    Tragically, too, many black voters don’t realize
    that Obama’s energy policy is responsible for their loss of disposable income.

    They have been told this for years. Not many of them listen. Unfortunately.

  • Renee Nal

    And isn’t it ironic that President Obama said “power plant pollution contributes to asthma and other diseases suffered by American kids, especially black and Latino youngsters.”

    The people who will suffer the most from this rule and many others like it are people who are fighting to make ends meet.