The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government to gain ground. —THOMAS JEFFERSON, 1788

Tweet of the Day: Harry Reid ‘glad to get rid of’ Taliban five?

For those who don’t live in the addle-pated, dementia-induced, hate-filled world of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, the demons he vents in a statement picked up in a tweet by Fox News Channel’s Kara Rowland won’t make much sense. Here’s the tweet:



Reid’s comment is the sort of thing you say after burdensome, inconsiderate house guests overstay their welcome. When it’s said about five very dangerous religious fanatics hell-bent on ridding the world of you, it becomes more of a puzzlement.

Are there other circumstances that might prompt a sane person to utter the words “I’m glad to be rid of X?” Sure. Consider as a possibility a leader of one of the two houses of your government’s legislative branch who refuses to entertain votes on bills submitted from the lower house entirely because it is controlled by the opposition party. Imagine, moreover, that the crusty and crotchety individual in question has a fixation with sibling donors to that party on whom he blames the ills of the world. Would said sane person be likely to say following that leader’s devoutly-wished-for departure: “I’m glad to be rid of Harry Reid”?

Here’s hoping we have a chance to find out come November.

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