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Waitress who lied about anti-gay note from customer was dishonorably discharged from Marines

Semper infidelis

Semper infidelis!

Who would have ever guessed it? Dayna Morales, the New Jersey waitress who fabricated a tale about receiving an anti-gay message from a customer, has a history of mendacity — which is a polite way of saying she is a pathological liar.

After her sob story about being stiffed by a couple who disapproved of her lifestyle was proven false, reporters began digging into Morales’s past.

They discovered she had previously lied about (a) a boat hitting her house during Hurricane Sandy, (b) having brain cancer, and (c) injuring herself while serving in Afghanistan. A spokesman for the Marines confirmed she did serve, but she was never in Afghanistan and that she didn’t fulfill her service.

Which brings us to her signal lie of omission. Although during her 15 minutes of fame she has made much of her patriotic service to her country as a Marine — and even pledged to divert some of the “tip money” that rolled in from strangers to the Wounded Warriors Project — Morales was dishonorably discharged from the Corps last spring after she “stopped showing up.”

NBC New York learned from a Pentagon source that Morales was dismissed from the Marine Reserves in May because she wasn’t attending drills. The source went on to allow as how Morales was formally discharged under conditions that were less than honorable.

A woman who had served with her told reporters, “I wouldn’t want anyone to think she was a part of my Marine Corps family, because she’s not.”

Morales’s stories of personal tragedy appear to from a pattern within a pattern. Her claim of having been diagnosed with a brain tumor, for example, arose when she was waitressing at a Cheesecake Factory in Nyack, N.Y. One of her former colleagues, Jacqie Fitzpatrick, told NBC, “She came in with her hair shaved because she wanted to shave it herself before she lost it.”

As with the story of anti-gay bias, Morales milked the lie by accepting offers of help from friends at work. Then, she abruptly quit, according to Fitzpatrick, and her coworkers didn’t see her again until she appeared in news reports about the receipt.

Gallop Asian Bistro, the restaurant where she was working when she made the bogus claim about the guest check, said that it is now investigating the incident and that Morales is not on the work schedule for now.

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  • Renee Nal

    One of the many hate crime hoaxes. I wonder if it will make the 2013 FBI hate crime stats?

  • Night Owl

    I was a waitress when I was in high school and I was stiffed more than once. I can’t believe it didn’t make national news back then, and nobody probably even remembers it now.

    This story is a good example of the left and their need to be seen as victims, even if they have to make the whole thing up. I’m glad to hear she is being called on her lies, and I find it refreshing that her behavior is frowned upon by her new employer to the point they aren’t putting her on the schedule. It may seem harsh, but people need to be shamed for this type of thing and they need to face some consequences.

    • S man

      There is no accountability in LIBTARD world, so as you said it is refreshing to see this idiot called out!!

    • BorderBandito

      I hope she loses her job. And I don’t consider it harsh either. It’s not like she came to work and said “On the way here I was mugged” in an attempt to get a little attention/sympathy. And I would still give her a pass if she does indeed have a pathological compulsion to lie because people like that need help not hassles. But she took peoples money and didn’t think twice about it. She’s just a con artist.

      The best thing that happened here is the woman got the media attention she wanted but saw it backfire. I doubt she’ll be trying this scam again.

    • http://mygodandmycountry.blogspot.com/ Doktor Riktor Von Zhades

      She’s probably overjoyed that she’s off the schedule, now she can go to some bleeding social worker and collect welfare for the rest of her life because NO ONE will employ her after this incident. She’s a victim you know…..

      • BlueMax372

        With the current regime in power, she’ll probably wind up as Secretary of Defense, after the nitwit Hagel implodes.

      • http://mygodandmycountry.blogspot.com/ Doktor Riktor Von Zhades

        I would say there is a very good chance that that could happen….

  • Former Marine

    While she is a despicable liar, and a poor excuse for an American, the headline is highly misleading.
    A General Discharge Under Other Than Honorable Conditions is NOT the same as a Dishonorable Discharge.
    In order to get a Dishonorable Discharge, a service member must be convicted if a crime equevalent to a major felony in the civilian world, (such as 1st degree murder, major trafficking of drugs and so on), or certain military only charges such as showing cowardice in the face of the enemy, insubordination in a war zone, and a host of others, and a DD can only be awarded by a military judge presiding over a General Court Martial.

    So, while I think this ‘woman’ is a ‘sierra’ bird, she wasn’t Dishonorably Discharged, but she certainly had no honor, and didn’t serve with any.

    • Sgt. Nate

      While u are correct about the “under other than honorable conditions”, you are incorrect about the dishonorable discharge. The charges equal to a major felony would translate into a Bad Conduct Discharge (BCD) aka Big Chicken Dinner. Dishonorable Discharge falls closer in line to a minor felony.

      • Former Marine

        SGT. Nate: you are incorrect. What branch of service are you in???

        A Dishonorable Discharge is the most severe discharge. It is a felony conviction.
        In order of discharge, not including medical:
        Honorable, General under Honorable, General under Other than Honorable, Bad Conduct, Dishonorable.
        Summary Court Martial (usually presided over by the Unit CO, With a rank of Lt. Col or Captain if Navy) can award a service member anything from a simple forfeiture of pay, a reduction of rank, confinement to quarters or brig time (up to 30 days), but cannot discharge a service member. Officers cannot be tried by Summary Court Martial.

        A Special Court Martial (presided over by a Military Judge, do all of the above, plus longer brig confinement, or discharge a service member with a BCD. A Special Court Martial can award imprisonment for more than 356 days. A conviction by Special Court Martial is equine land to a Federal level misdemeanor.
        A Grneral Court Martial, which is the highest level of Courts Martial, can do all of the above, plus longer confinement, (up to multiple life depending on the crime) or impose the death penalty. It is also the only level that can award a Dishonorable Discharge. A conviction by General Court Martial is equevelant to a Federal felony, and results is the loss of voting rights, firearms rights, and in some states, the right to own property.

      • captfish

        Sgt Nate, you are hereby promoted to Ssgt Nate. Kudos, SF.

      • captfish

        Strike that. Former Marine, you are hereby promoted to the next rank. Sgt Nate, you are busted to Cpl.
        My bad. SF.

    • captfish

      Former Marine, you are absolutely correct a General other than honorable is definitely NOT a good thing to have on your resume, but a Big Chicken Dinner or a dishonorable is a completely different story. The media is a clusterfuck when it comes to reporting the Corps. They don’t know their asses from a hole in the ground. SF.

      • BlueMax372

        Neither does the “commander and chief” (actual Obama quote).

  • Bronson

    I bet she received Many Thousands of $$$$ dollars from all over the USA & World too from those who felt bad for her. I hope she get’s audited from the IRS . I bet she did this so suckers would send her money & that’s fraud !!

    • Former Marine

      She should be charged with wire fraud, theft by deception, and any other applicable law she broke..

  • princetrumpet

    You know, Former Marine, I was all ready to say, “Ah, forget it. She’s just a loser.” until I started to see story after story of this kind of hoax trying to make Christians look bad. So, I agree with you and think she should be made an example of in order to stop these hoaxes from multiplying. I’m sick of it. Prosecute her until hoaxers see this as a wrong thing to do to innocent people.