Father legally changes gender identity to counteract gender bias in child custody decisions

Father legally changes gender identity to counteract gender bias in child custody decisions

“Due to the unfair justice system that typically favors mothers in custody battles, a desperate father in Ecuador legally changed his gender identification to female … in the hopes of improving his chances of gaining custody of his two young daughters from his abusive wife,” reports PJ Media:

“Being a father in this country, Ecuador, is punished and I’m only seen as a provider,” René Salinas Ramos, 47, explained. “What I have been looking for is to give the love and protection that a mother can give her children.”

According to Ramos, his daughters are currently living in an abusive environment with their mother, but because the laws favor mothers, he never had a chance to win custody.

“The laws say that the one who has the right is the woman. As of this moment, I am female. Now I’m also a mom, that’s how I consider myself,” Ramos said last month. “I am very sure of my sexuality. What I have sought is that I want to be a mother, so that I can also give the love and protection of a mother.”

According to Ramos, his ex-wife hasn’t let him see his daughters in over five months.

Ramos’s brilliant move not only exposes the bias of the justice system against fathers but also proved how ridiculously easy it is to legally change your gender — which, of course, angered the local transgender cultists who successfully fought to make it legal to change genders in 2015. Last week, the Ecuadorian Federation of LGBTI Organizations released a statement denouncing Ramos’ “outlandish” actions.

“This man’s private matter, to obtain custody of his daughters, isn’t the spirit of the law,” Diane Rodríguez, director of the group, said in a statement.

In Pennsylvania, a transgender father tried and failed to strip his ex-wife of parental rights by claiming to be both mother and father.

The female-to-male transgender father challenged the his ex-wife’s parental rights to three of their kids, because he provided the three eggs that the mother carried — which the transgender father argued rendered his wife merely a “gestational surrogate,” not a true mother.

A Pennsylvania court has rejected his argument, although it did so not because the argument was silly, but for procedural reasons — specifically, the transgender father was effectively trying to challenge a custody order already issued by the West Virginia courts. It cited the legal principle that a person can’t appeal an order issued by courts in one state, to courts in a different state. That kind of forum-shopping is forbidden. The court ruled in In re Adoption of L.U., a January 6 decision of the Pennsylvania Superior Court.

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