Journalists Vow To Continue Exposing Child Sex Change Procedures Despite Calls For DOJ To ‘Prosecute’ Them

Journalists Vow To Continue Exposing Child Sex Change Procedures Despite Calls For DOJ To ‘Prosecute’ Them

By Chrissy Clark

Journalists and activist organizations publicly vowed to continue exposing children’s hospitals that perform irreversible surgeries on minors, despite calls from the American Medical Association for the Department of Justice to “investigate and prosecute” them.

Several high-profile journalists and media pundits dedicated their efforts almost entirely to exposing gender clinics for allowing minors to obtain puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones that lead to chemical castration, and irreversible genital surgeries. The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh, one of the most vocal figures reporting on the issue of gender ideology, tweeted that he would rather be dead than “surrender to this madness.”

“I believe that gender ideology is one of the greatest evils in human history. There is nothing they can threaten that would make me back down from this fight,” Walsh said. “I’d rather be dead than surrender to this madness. It’s as simple as that for me.”

“I think it’s worth reiterating that some of the biggest and most powerful medical organizations in the country are now calling on the federal government to prosecute and imprison those of us who criticize their medical practices,” Walsh continued. “We are entering a very dark time. I’m ready.”

Journalist and evolutionary biologist Colin Wright vowed to continue “exposing the atrocities” taking place at gender clinics nationwide, according to a tweet.

“I will not stop exposing the atrocities inflicted upon children in hospitals in the name if ‘gender affirming care,’” Wright said. “Call me a terrorist, investigate me, put me on a no-fly list — I don’t care. What’s happening is horrific and needs to end.”

Journalist Christopher Rufo went on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle” and claimed that he would not stop reporting on “radical gender surgeries,” despite any future threats from the Department of Justice.

“I have a message for Attorney General Merrick Garland: you can threaten us; you can mobilize the FBI against us; you can drag us out of our homes in a pre-dawn raid. But we are not going to stop reporting on radical gender surgeries on minors,” Rufo said.

Gays Against Groomers,” an organization of gay individuals focused on ending grooming tactics in schools and society, claimed that only “pseudoscience” requires the silencing of journalists.

“They really want us to shut up. Unfortunately for them, we never will,” the account tweeted. “Science doesn’t require censorship and intimidation. Pseudoscience on the other hand, requires it.”

The stalwart attitude of these journalists came in response to a letter from the American Medical Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the Children’s Hospital Association that called on Big Tech and the Justice Department to investigate “misleading information” targeting hospitals. (RELATED: Major Medical Orgs Demand That The DOJ Prosecute People Who Share ‘Misleading’ Information Online)

“The attacks are rooted in an intentional campaign of disinformation, where a few high-profile users on social media share false and misleading information targeting individual physicians and hospitals, resulting in a rapid escalation of threats, harassment, and disruption of care across multiple jurisdictions,” the letter reads. “Our organizations have called on technology companies to do more to prevent this practice on digital platforms, and we now urge your office to take swift action to investigate and prosecute all organizations, individuals, and entities responsible.”


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