Washington College Staff Attend Seminar To ‘Interrogate’ ‘Systems Of White Supremacy And Capitalism’

Washington College Staff Attend Seminar To ‘Interrogate’ ‘Systems Of White Supremacy And Capitalism’
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By Chrissy Clark

Over 125 college staff members attended a white-people-only seminar on eradicating the systems of white supremacy, according to documents reviewed by the Daily Caller and reported by conservative talk show host Jason Rantz.

The seminar entitled, “White People Working On It,” was hosted by the Washington State Faculty and Staff of Color Conference (FSOCC) on April 21 and 22. It was designed specifically for “white-identifying folks with European ancestry and people who benefit from white privilege,” according to an email sent out to educators statewide by Washington State Board for Community and Technical College’s Policy Associate Jennifer Whetham.

The program promised to “hurt your soul” as educators are brought “face-to-face with [their] own toxicity,” according to an introduction document reviewed by the Daily Caller.

On April 21, the seminar began with a “land and labor acknowledgment” and a “Fireside Chat” titled, “What Does it Mean to Be a White Ally in the Washington State [Community and Technical College] System,” according to a PowerPoint presentation reported by KTTH.

Educators allotted a two-hour window on April 22 to create personal accountability plans to dismantle racism and white supremacy, the PowerPoint read. Unacceptable statements for personal accountability plans include, “Slavery was over 400 years ago, that was my ancestors, not me.”

FSOCC states that the focus of the seminar is “very intentionally about race,” according to a document titled, “Accomplice-ing It.”

“Our hope is that we will all build a community of people that are committed to becoming anti-racist. Our hope is that we, as white identified or white privilege recipients, will collectively do the work necessary for transformative change,” the document reads. “Racism is a white people problem and we need to take ownership, accountability, and action.”

Listed in the same document is a list of non-negotiable truths of the workshop. Examples include, “Societal systems are built upon white supremacy” and “You are still responsible for your impact, regardless of your intent.”

The seminar used a tiered system to charge attendees for the course. A Vice President or higher at a college paid $250 for the training, faculty members paid $150, and part-time staff and graduate students paid $50, according to an email from Whetham.

FSOCC said in the “Accomplice-ing It” document that the organization began years ago and insinuated that it was problematic when they noticed an increased “participation of white identified staff and faculty.”

The “White People Working On It” seminar was the first conference created by FSOCC for white people only. (RELATED: ‘Maoist Political Propaganda’: Duke Prof Faces Backlash For Refusing To Attend Equity Training)

Rantz, a political talk show host in Washington state, said that the values espoused in the seminar are “actually dangerous,” according to commentary in his original report on the training.

“Their far-left activism is actually dangerous. These educators will use this ‘anti-racist’ worldview in the classroom. They’ll mistreat students due to skin color, while attempting to propagandize all those who will fall for the same grift these educators fell for,” Rantz said.

“This line of thinking creates more division and animosity. It tells people they didn’t earn their accomplishments or failures; that the end results were predetermined by skin color,” Rantz continued.

The Faculty and Staff of Color Conference did not respond to the Daily Caller’s request for comment.


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