Anti-gun activist shoots at mayoral candidate, gets charged with attempted murder

A Marxist anti-gun and “racial justice” activist and columnist shot at a mayoral candidate in Louisville, and got charged with attempted murder. The assassination attempt on mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg failed. He felt the bullet graze his sweater before his campaign workers barricaded the door against the assassin, Quintez Brown.

The Louisville Courier Journal easily identified the would-be assassin, because he had written for it. Quintez Brown worked for the Courier-Journal as a columnist and intern, in addition to being a civil-rights activist in Louisville:

A Louisville activist has been identified as a suspect in Monday’s attempted shooting of mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg.

Quintez Brown, 21, was charged with attempted murder and four counts of wanton endangerment after Greenberg was shot at in his campaign headquarters Monday morning in Butchertown, LMPD spokeswoman Elizabeth Ruoff said late Monday.

Brown, a civil rights activist, is a former intern and editorial columnist for The Courier Journal.

A police report says a man later identified as Brown entered the building and fired a 9mm Glock handgun at Greenberg before fleeing the building.

Brown was an anti-gun activist, as Charles C.W. Cooke notes at National Review. That included opposition to constitutional carry:

Your life has no meaning to the irresponsible politicians in Frankfort who time and time again choose the National Rifle Association over your life.

Their support for Senate Bill 150, which allows Kentuckians to carry concealed weapons without a permit, is yet another warning: They’ve put a price tag on your life and decided that the blood money they receive from the NRA is more valuable.

Every time lawmakers vote against gun safety, and thus the lives of our most vulnerable, they show that their hearts can be as cold as the steel of the guns they praise.

The Courier-Journal ignores Quintez Brown’s gun-control advocacy in its article today on the shooting. But it does note his history of being a columnist, and being “involved in the racial justice protests of 2020.” Brown had launched his own, idiosyncratic political campaig for public office:

Brown was running on a “Pan-African,” “revolutionary” platform:

My call to action is simple. Voting and petitioning will not be sufficient for our liberation, but in the current moment it will be strategically used to reach the masses. I do not want to speak of a long road ahead of us because no such road exists. We are already here and it begins with you. Secure your number amongst the billion and commit yourself to win a new world side by side with a united left front. “From all according to ability.” Radicalize your natural environment, organize the people around you, and watch our numbers grow.

As Ed Morrissey notes,

Picking up a gun to force his “revolution” seems inevitable from this long descent. His “revolutionary love letter” all but promised a violent uprising of some sort. And yet, in a media world where honking horns and Spotify contracts are treated like ackshual violence, no one seemed to notice Quintez Brown’s leap off the deep end until he tried to assassinate another local politician. And even then, the same media outlet on which his descent can be chronicled seems less than interested in tying this violence to either Brown’s clear political support for totalitarian systems or his mental health. Don’t expect much more national media coverage of this either, for the same reasons that the LCJ is treading lightly now.

You can bet they won’t touch this aspect of the shooting, either. The pan-African activist picked a Jewish politician as a target. Coincidence? We’ll see, we’ll see …

“Craig Greenberg, a Jewish Democrat running for mayor of Louisville, KY, was shot Monday. Arrested for his attempted murder  is a 21-yr-old “racial justice” protester who calls for “the total liberation and unification of Africa under scientific socialism.”

LU Staff

LU Staff

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